India and Pakistan

By Kevin Period 9

Tension between India and Pakistan

There are many reasons for tension between India and Pakistan. One of these reasons is that India is mostly Hindu while Pakistan is mostly Muslim. Religious differences in an area usually lead to fighting.

The Partition is another reason why there is tension between India and Pakistan. The Partition took place in India in 1947. The Partition was when India divided into two countries (Pakistan and India).

Also, India and Pakistan are fighting because of Kashmir. Kashmir is a small area between India and Pakistan that holds many natural resources. India and Pakistan have had many wars over Kashmir.

Another reason why there is tension between Pakistan and India is because Muslims fear Hindu governments. Pakistan and India split because the Muslims feared a Hindu government and vice versa. The two countries do not like each other's government.

India and Pakistan are in danger of potential wars caused by their hatred for one another.

United States Involvement

The US should get involved with these conflicts.

The US has to get involved because long term stability in South Asia cannot be achieved unless India and Pakistan work out a resolution. India is the biggest country in South Asia. If India and Pakistan are fighting, all of South Asia is somehow negatively effected.

Another reason why the US should get involved in this conflict is because the US might need India as an ally. India is one of the potential superpowers (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa). The US, being the only superpower currently, might want to have a potential superpower as an ally. Alliances with other countries may become important in the future.

The tension between India and Pakistan is only getting worse. The US should get involved in these countries soon.