The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic's national capital is Prague. The national flag has no significant meaning, but rather it's colors was derived from various coats of arms.


The Czech Republic is on the continent of Europe. It is surrounded by land. (Landlocked.) The countries around it are Poland, Austria, Slovakia, and Germany. There are the Sudetic and Sumarva mountains to the southeast. There are industries like mining and agriculture,but these are causing significant problems because of land erosion.
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The Czech Republic has a stable economy. They are primarily an automotive industry. It's currency consists of korunas (left) and hellers (which are a hundredths of a koruna). Their main industry is services.


The Czech Republic's president is Miloš Zeman. Their goverment is a parliamentary democracy. Their president was elected into office, so this means the citizens have the responsibility of voting, along with following laws.


Czechs are very formal and polite.

95% of the Czech citizens speak Czech.

Their traditional clothing for men are long breeches and a loose jacket. For woman, their traditional clothes are two aprons tied in the front and the back, and a white blouse.

For their more modern clothes, they dress pretty much like Americans, and the young women usually try to follow the latest styles.

The Czech Republic

Their most popular dish is a Knedlíky (a dumpling) made out of wheat or potato flour boiled as a roll sliced and served hot.

They celebrate Easter Monday, New Years, and Labor Day, but also days like July 5th, celebrating the days missionaries Constantine and Methodius arrived, and on September 28th, which marks Czech Statehood Day, and October 28th, which was the founding of Czechoslovakia.

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The Czech Republic has yearly highs at about 70°F, and the average low is about 10°F.

It is generally warm in the summer, but temperatures can drop to freezing at night or in the more mountainous areas, or the areas below sea level. There is an average of 655 mm of rain yearly.


On May 8th, 1945, the the Czech Republic broke free of the Nazis' occupation. On January 1st, 1993, the Czech Republic and Slovakia peacefully split into two countries.

Comparing The Czech Republic to the United States

The United States and the Czech Republic have many similarities. The people usually dress the same. They have a democracy, and a president, just like us. They even have what is basically an independence day.