Lineville Technology

By: Hannah Jackson

Typing Web

Typing web is a website where you having typing lessons and courses to complete. You would go in to the website login and begin your lessons where you left off. There are many different games and backgrounds.


On the app iMovie there is a option to make a trailer, when you make an iTrailer you will make it about any topic you want. You could make it about an adventure that you have taken or haven't. You have the option to share it with the class or not.

Haiku Deck

While doing the unit Haiku Deck you will make a presentation on what you want to be when you grow up. You must have a minimum amount of slides. Haiku Deck is a presentation app and website with pictures and slides.

Explain Everything

During the Explain Everything unit, you will make a presentation and you need to put in a visual picture of the problem you pick. You must solve and explain how you got the answer. There are many backgrounds and cool features to use.

Career Locker

Career Locker is a website where you can play games and take tests about yourself. Mrs. Vandenboogaard would teach you different things about your career options. You learn about different careers and colleges you can attend.


The unit Coding is a unit where you go through a course and make characters do different things. You can play games on the Coding site. You must complete certain sections in the advanced course.