Holifield Happenings

February 5, 2015

Upcoming Events

Feb. 6 (Fri) - Moms Make a Difference

Feb. 11 (Wed) - Spanish test & Early Release (11:40)

Feb. 12 (Thurs) - PTO Spirit Night at Moe's (YUM!)

Feb. 13 (Fri) - Optional Valentine exchange (see below for more info)

Feb. 16 (Mon) - No School for students (Professional Development for teachers)

Feb. 17 (Tues) - Beta Club

Feb. 20 (Fri) - Birthday Book Lunch & Black History Program (1:30)

Feb. 24 (Tues) - Interims go home

Feb. 26 (Thurs) - Spring Pictures & Literacy Night

Feb. 27 (Fri) - Read Across America Day

Life Skill of the Month

In February, I will be looking for students that display Self-Control throughout the week. One student will be chosen each week. In addition to a certificate, that child will be entered into a drawing to earn a slushy from the cafeteria. They will also earn the right to wear the Hero cape from our classroom around the school for the next week.

This week's emphasis was Being Truthful. Next week's emphasis is Active Listening.


The children will have their next Spanish test on February 11th. Please see the forwarded email from Senora Dickson to know what will be covered on that test. I know that she also has study tools on her webpage.


I've had this conversation with your children already, but I want to make sure you have received this information.

Valentines are completely optional. However, if your child does Valentines for one child in the room, they need to do a Valentine for every child in the room. They can create a box to collect Valentines in, or I will have some paper bags for them to decorate a little that morning before we go to Art. After Art class, the boxes/bags will be placed on their desks and the Valentines will be passed out. As soon as this process is complete, the boxes/bags will go in the backpacks or the back table. We will not be going through them at school.

We will have a special snack (we love to eat in our classroom), but we will not have a party that day.


Please continue to make sure that your child is reading a quality book (award-winning or by an award-winning author) for at least 20 minutes a day. They should record their reading time on the Book It calendar and turn in that sheet at the end of each month.

Caesar's English Review


When your child takes the new state test, ACT Aspire, at the end of April, they will be timed. Because of this, we will need to slowly build up to being able to break down a writing prompt and begin the writing process in a short amount of time.

I am mentioning this to you now, because, based on my experience with this group of students this year, many of your children will be anxious about this process. Please encourage them at home while I encourage them at school. :-) Everyone in the state is in the exact same spot with the exact same expectation and the exact same time limit. The test is looking for them to accomplish some specific things and we will be preparing for this together. As long as they don't shut down in class from stress, I will be able to have them ready when the last week of April arrives. All I need is their effort. :-) Thanks in advance for your support!

Science & Social Studies

We are continuing our inquiry study of electricity. I think the children are enjoying it so far. Many of them are eager to read the Electricity informational books for independent reading, but I am holding back. I want them to experience the process instead of just reading about it.

In Social Studies, our next chapter is the Road to the Revolution. It's getting interesting...


Fractions, here we come!! Because of ALEKS, many of your children are feeling pretty good about fractions. Awesome! If their fraction sense is strong, they will be working on a project with a partner. However, some of your children need to have a deeper sense of fractions, and we will be working on many strategies in small groups.

We have worked all year on justifying and explaining our thinking in each problem we encounter. They do a pretty good job. However, justifying and explaining when it comes to fractions might be more of a struggle even for those that know the steps that they need to take. I hope to be able to stretch them in this. I want you to know my thinking in case they come home frustrated. :-)