Little Shop of Horrors

Mia Carter and Gabe Cummings


Seymour Krelborn is a nerdy orphan who works for Mushniks flower shop on a dirty, depressing street called Skid Row. One day he finds a mysterious unidentified plant that he names Audrey II after his crush that also works at the flower shop, but is dating a sadistic motercycle dentist. Seymour realizes that the plant will bring him everything he ever desired inclueding fame, fourtune, and Audrey. The down side is that to keep the plant alive he must feed it blood.

Actors Songs & Awards

5 Facts

1. The music was written by Alan Menken.

2. Lyrics and book was written by Howard Ashman.

3. Little Shop of Horrors is a comedy horror rock musical.

4. Two movies weere made (one in 1960 and one in 1986)

5. Music is mainly 1960s rock and roll, doo-wop, and early Motown

3 interesting Facts

1. In the 1986 version of Little Shop of Horrors Rick Moranis played Seymore and Steve Martin.

2. Audrey II is described as a cross between a Venus Flytrap and an avocado.

3. The shooting schedule for the 1960 version of Little Shop was two days and one night.