13-14 APRIL, 2017 Yerevan State University

English for Cross-Cultural Communication Department of the Romance and Germanic Philology Faculty at Yerevan State University is pleased to announce annual English Language Teaching Conference, aimed at improving intercultural communication instruction and developing cultural software of Armenian students in the EFL classroom. The conference will offer a wide variety of teacher-training workshops and poster presentations, allowing participants to share ideas, methods, and inspirations with other English teachers from Armenia and worldwide. Participants will also have the opportunity to see professional teaching techniques in action by attending and observing live classroom demonstrations delivered to audiences of local university students. Our goal is to help each other as instructors transform cross-cultural classroom challenges into opportunities for learning and growth.

The conference offers outstanding opportunities for professional teachers, faculty and graduate students to share best practices, engage in scholarly discussions, and network with national and international colleagues.

The conference committee welcomes proposals from scholars and teachers at all levels of expertise and experience.

We welcome proposals on

  • Developing Intercultural Communication Skills
  • Facing Cultural Challenges in the EFL Classroom
  • Classroom as Community: Language and Cultural Identity in the EFL Classroom
  • Motivational Techniques of Teaching Culture
  • Decoding Reality: Cultural Values in the EFL Classroom
  • Using Technology in the Language Classroom
  • Developing Learners' Language Skills
  • Curriculum Writing and Materials Development


Workshop (30 - 40 minutes)

Workshops will introduce practical, ready-to-use classroom ideas and teaching techniques. Presenters should combine lecture with an interactive component, like discussions, activities, or other group tasks.

Poster Presentation

Presenters will create a poster featuring a teaching concept or specific activity. They will share these concepts with individuals or small groups of visitors during poster exhibits.

Interested in hosting a workshop?

Presenters should submit an abstract of approximately 70 words, which should state the overall goal of the workshop, include supporting evidence, and classroom implications. This abstract should be written exactly as they would like it to appear in the program and must include a title. Presenters must also submit a biography of approximately 30 words, stating their title, qualifications, and academic interests.

For a poster presentation please, submit a brief description (approximately 70 words) of your poster and the concepts or information that it will present.

All abstracts, along with bios and contact details should be submitted online at https://form.jotform.me/chairysu/culture-through-the-language-prism- by 27 March.