Patriots or Loyalists

Who's side are you on?

Patriots or loyalists

It's the year of 1775. Another war is now among us & we Patriots need people such like you to help us fight. If you chose Loyalists you will be in possibly the biggest army the world has ever seen. If you chose the Patriots on your side you will have experienced leaders such as George Washington, Nathaniel Greene, Henry Knox, Daniel Morgan, Benedict Arnold, & Horatio Gates as well as fighting with allies for France, Spain, & Dutch. If you fight for the Loyalists you will be fighting for the king in order to prevent Independence for the Patriots while having to wait for resources to come from England. If you fight for the patriots you will be fighting for freedom & you will be fighting on our home land. If we Patriots win independence shall be ours. If the Loyalists win we will never have our chance in achieving our freedom. So what decision shall it be for you in this war? Ally or Enemy? Taxation without representation or Hit & run? Minutemen or Red Coats? Patriots or Loyalists? The choice is up to you.
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