October I&L Scoop

News and Resources for NISD Teachers: October 2018

Important Dates for LPAC

1. Review/update PEIMS data for snapshot date

2. Schedule/conduct LPAC meetings to review academic progress for struggling ELs and

identify appropriate interventions

3. Monitor/review students grades for 1st nine weeks (this includes F and S monitored students)

Be in the Know...

Are the Met Standard/Improvement Required ratings that campuses receive in August 2018 based on the four indices that have been in place since 2013?

No. Both districts and campuses are evaluated on all three domains. Districts receive A–F ratings beginning in August 2018. In 2018, campuses are evaluated on the three domains and receive a Met Standard or Improvement Required rating. Campuses will receive A–F ratings beginning in 2019.

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MAP Reports

You made it through BOY MAP testing...now what? Refer to your google team drive for step-by-step instructions to pull reports from MAP testing. You can also click this link for much more information. Call or email Mrs. Kolby with questions or if you would like to schedule a session to learn more.

SuccessEd (for RtI, LPAC, and Section 504 Coordinators)

The training held on Sept. 24th was a success! If you have any questions or concerns about this program, just let Mrs. Nickle know. Since we are on a learning curve, each coordinator will have 30 days to lock any documents. After we are more familiar with the program that number will be reduced. If you lock a document and there is a need for it to be unlocked for any reason you will need to let Mrs. Nickle know. A document has been shared with coordinators to report any document that needs to be unlocked. Mrs. Nickle is the only person who can unlock documents in SuccessEd.

ESL Certificate Reimbursement Procedure

To be reimbursed for the fee of your ESL Certification test:

  1. Provide a copy of the testing ticket from Texas Educators Certification (www.texes-ets.org)

  2. Provide a copy of teaching certificate indicating ESL certification

  3. Complete a purchase order for the price of the ticket only. Navasota ISD does not reimburse for the fee to update the certification status.

  4. Send this information to Jeanie Nickle at central office.

*This reimbursement procedure is for certificates earned from June 1, 2018, to May 31, 2019.

Thoughts on Gifted and Talented

Many times we see and expect gifted students to act more responsibly than students their own age. And then there are the days when you wonder where that same responsible student went. We have to keep in mind that they are still children. They do tend to want to take over in groups and don't always want to work with others because they see them as immature. They need to learn to work in groups with different ability level students, but at times it is appropriate to allow them to work on their own to satisfy that need.

Gifted children often prefer the company of adults or older children. The reason is obvious: They don't need to explain who they are or how they know what they know.

Math Problems

We have been talking about math problems a lot so far this year! I wanted to share a website with examples of what are called "open middle" problems. Open middle problems have several ways to determine the solution, but every method should result in the same solution. This website has "challenging math problems worth solving" for every grade level:


Another website with great "Tasks" for students at any grade level is:


Dr. Jo Boaler and her students have created great videos, in addition to the Tasks, about mindset and solving math problems.

Here is a link to one of their new videos:


I think both you and your students will enjoy the video!

It is better to solve one problem five ways than to solve five problems one way.

-George Polya

Science Opportunities

There are several opportunities for teachers to learn more about science that are being offered at Region 6 ESC.

Differentiated Instruction Strategies for Science (Session #328749)

is being offered on 10-18-18.

Making Sense of Science Energy Day 1: What is Energy? (Session #328763)

is being offered on 11-6-18

Making Sense of Science Energy Day 2: Potential energy (Session 328772)

is being offered on 12-18-18

If you like to visit planetariums, Sam Houston State University Planetarium has a show (Exploding Universe) scheduled for November 30, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. It is free!


Another Great Resource


Student news daily has student friendly news articles and resources for any classroom! Keep reading relevant in ALL CONTENT AREAS.... current events are a great way to keeping things real in your classroom!!

ELAR Instructional Materials Adoption

Monday, Oct. 15th, 3:30-5pm

District Office

First ELAR Adoption Meeting:

K-5 will meet with HMHCO

6-8 will meet with McGraw-Hill



--Check out the TOOLBOX from Empowering Writers... lots of great, free resources that support NISD's new writing resource! https://www.empoweringwriters.com/toolbox/


- Check out great video on Comprehension Toolkit lesson! https://youtu.be/VJei-LCjlXk


--Check out this free resource with lots of graphic organizers and thinking maps to get your students digging deep into literature and text!


If you are looking for some more training... talk to your principal about attending these! Region 6:

Using DBQs in an ELAR classroom (grades 4-12)


Connecting the state writing rubric to effective instruction


Motivating English Language Learners


Interactive Ways to Teach Inferring and Other Cognitive Skills to Increase Comprehension in Grades 2-5


Achieving Rigor Series Session 1: Marzano Strategies for Monitoring for Learning


Social Studies:

Interested in some PD?

Check out these sessions at Region 6:

The VESTED instructional approach


Motivating English Language Learners


Achieving Rigor Series Session 1: Marzano Strategies for Monitoring for Learning


Texas History: Grades 4 & 7