3rd Grade French Immersion Update

September 18, 2016

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News from Ms. Perry

-This week we read a story called "The Babe and I" about a little boy who meets Babe Ruth during the Great Depression. The kids loved the story and we spent some time learning about the Great Depression, too!

-Their first reading quiz was on "The Babe and I" and included all critical thinking questions. We spent several lessons talking about the questions and how to answer them. We discussed the importance of the thinking process itself and not necessarily getting the correct answer.

-In Social Studies we talked about what we already know about Ancient Greece and what we want to learn during our studies. We'll begin our unit on Ancient Greece this week.

News from Mme. Carnathan

  • Thank you for coming to the Immersion Social. It was nice to see all of you and to talk outside school. Please continue to communicate your concerns, particularly with respect to my classroom/3rd grade curriculum. If you have specific concerns around program articulation, please speak to Mme. DATTA or Mme. KIM directly.
  • We will be moving into multiplication concepts beginning this week. I will be assigning homework on Tuesday-Thursday nights. Homework is covering estimation, 3 digit addition and subtraction. We will begin working on multiplication facts in class and soon will need to drill at home.
  • Our penpals will begin writing letters next week. We will view a PowerPoint about the school.
  • Thanks for donating to purchase Petit Quotidien! It is such a great resource.
  • We will continue learning about conductors and insulators. We had a visit from Fernbank about rocks and minerals. That will be a nice intro when we have that unit next semester.
  • Please be sure to watch our video presentations of our word problems on Class Dojo! More to come! It's a great way to encourage group work and create with the language.

Useful Websites

Mme. Carnathan's Useful Links

Parent's Night Out the Alliance Francaise

Friday, Sep. 23rd, 9-11pm

1197 Peachtree St. N.E. Suite 561 Atlanta, GA 30361

Eagle Trek Walkathon

Wednesday, Sep. 28th, 12am

2914 Evans Woods Drive

Doraville, GA