CIS and Hunt Weekly Staff News

Week of September 19, 2016

Calendar of Events


Theme: “There’s No Place Like Homecoming”

Prizes awarded for Most Spirited Staff Member and Most Spirited Class at each campus.

No face or body paint allowed. Green hair color is permissible ONLY on GREEN OUT day (Friday, 9/23). Students need to wear tennis shoes each day. No spaghetti straps, inappropriate logos/symbols/pictures, etc. Administrators will exercise discretion as needed. Students may wear mums or garters on Friday provided bells are taped.

Monday, September 19

  • We’re off to see the Wizard – Wear athletic gear
  • BOY DRA Administration (H. Carson, Jones)
  • ARD at Hunt at 10:30 a.m.
  • ARD at Hunt at 1:45 p.m.
  • ARD at Hunt at 2:45 p.m.
  • Board Meeting at CISD Boardroom at 6:30 p.m. (Cerny)

Tuesday, September 20

  • BOY DRA Administration (Moreno, Tieken)
  • Campus Improvement Team Meeting at CIS in Room 15 with Mr. Rabe and Dr. Longbotham (CIS Campus Improvement Team)
  • Twister Tuesday- Mix Matched Day

Wednesday, September 21

  • Grade Level Planning/WTW Rotations 8:05-10:20 3rd Grade; 10:20-12:35 2nd Grade; 1:05-3:20 1st Grade
  • Which Witch is Which? - Twin Day
  • Dyslexia Training at Region III (Clutter)
  • Lab Safety Training at Region III (Christmas)

Thursday, September 22

  • Grade Level Planning/TH Rotations 9:30-11:00 4th Grade; 2:05-3:30 5th Grade
  • Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, OH MY! - Animal Day
  • BOY DRA Administration (Stehling, Pakebusch, Heaton)
  • Math Data Analysis Meeting with Dr. Longbotham at Hunt Library (Cerny, Bauer, All 2nd grade teachers, Cox, Patek, Aschen, Riojaz, Stevenson, Cheesman)

Friday, September 23

  • There’s a Storm Coming! - Color Wars—GREEN OUT like the Emerald City
  • BOY DRA Administration (Baxter, Wanjura, Anderle)
  • Tailgate PotLuck Party at CIS
  • Friday Night Football at Gobbler Stadium vs. Columbus (Homecoming)


Fall Festival September 30, 4:30-6:30 p.m. at Hunt (CIS and Hunt combined event)

Teacher Portion of T-Tess Due Sept. 30 (more details to follow during weekly PLCs)

Check email for goal setting schedule and details (forthcoming)

Simple Machines

From Your Principal...

This next week is Homecoming Week in Gobbler Country so "saddle up" for a week of good times, reunions, festivities, and football!

When I think about Homecoming I feel a great sense of pride. Cuero is my hometown, and I feel very blessed for the opportunities and experiences that come with being a Cuero Gobbler! Whether you are a Gobbler native or a more recent family member, we all share in the spirit that is unique and special to Cuero....Once a Gobbler, always a Gobbler.

Let's make each moment count this next week as YOU are each a part of the future "homecomings" of your Young Gobblers! I wish you all a spirited week!

~Bridgette Cerny

CIS and Hunt Elementary School

Bridgette Cerny, Principal

Jennifer Bauer, Hunt Elementary Assistant Principal

Tessa Sanchez, CIS Assistant Principal

Rosanne Wagner, Hunt Elementary Counselor

Ramona Hotman, CIS Counselor

Vicky Schwarz, Hunt Secretary

Leslie Voelkel, CIS Secretary

Weekly Enrollment:

1st Grade=144 2nd Grade=129 3rd Grade=140 Hunt Total=413

4th Grade=146 5th Grade=153 CIS Total=299

Grand Total=712