What is a Humanist?

People who think humanity will do good things, who cares about all humanity. People used to think that life would be nothing but hard work and wars, but around 1300's they began to think differently about life. This is the moment humanism was created, people thought that life could be enjoyable. They also thought people should be educated with things like art, music, and science making it easier on everyone.

Significance of Humanism

If we didn't have humanism we'd most likely be hundreds of years in the past. There most likely wouldn't be internet, cable, or any cars that we have today. It's also very important for many reasons like giving them a new outlook on life. They gave themselves and nature much more attention than religion. Humanism kind of brought people from all religions and cultures together, making them all respect one another's beliefs or disbelief's.

Their beliefs

Humanist don't go by what they are told, they go by what they believe. An example of this, say the bible told them something, but they choose not to believe. They don't necessarily go by what everyone says but themselves. Humanists believe that anything goes, if they believe it then it's possible. They also depend on evidence, and truth not the "he said, she said".