SMART Basics

Heather Rollins

Tour of the Window

This is the Main toolbar used in SMART Notebook. Let's explore the various buttons found here.


  • The first few buttons are used for navigation.
  • These buttons are very similar to those in a Word document.


This is the Views button, click it to see what views are available.

Full Screen

  • Full screen allows you to maximize your space.
  • All toolbars and the taskbar are hidden.
  • The small toolbar is for navigation and switching back to normal view.

Transparent Background

Allows you to use your SMART tools on a web page or other document outside of SMART notebook.

Dual Page Display

  • Allows you to see two pages simultaneously
  • One page for directions
  • One page for example
  • To return to single page, click the views button, single page display

Paste and Delete

  • The delete button is used to delete objects by first selecting them or marqueeing several objects.
  • Paste is used in the same manor as a Word document.

Screen Capture and Screen Shade

The screen capture button opens the Screen Capture toolbar.

Screen Capture Toolbar

  • The first button will capture the entire screen.
  • The second button lets you designate a specific window.
  • The third lets you choose a display (for use with multi-display systems)
  • The fourth allows you to draw around the section you want to capture. The image will be captured to the current page unless you check the box Capture to new page.

Screen Shade

  • The Shade can be placed over a page so that you can reveal its contents a little at a time
  • Click and drag anywhere in the gray area to reveal notes
  • To remove a shade, click the red button with X in the top left of the shade

Drawing and Creation Tools


The Select arrow is used to move and select items to be deleted or edited. Also, you will want to switch back to the Select tool after using one of the other tools. Otherwise, the other tool remains active.


Writing to Text

  • Once you have written words with the pen, these words can be converted to type. Click on the words and a select box appears around it. In the upper right corner is a drop down. Click it to reveal your choices
  • Click Recognize “word” to convert the handwritten word into typewritten word
  • These actions can be reversed with the Undo button. Handwritten words can be erased but typewritten words cannot

Types of Pens

Shape Recognition Pen

The Shape Pen allows you to draw circles, lines, and polygons by approximating them.


  • There are two shape buttons
  • The first one allows you to select pre-created shapes
  • The second one allows you to draw regular shapes


  • Click on eraser and whatever tool you have acts as an eraser.
  • You can also use your finger or palm of your hand.
  • The eraser icon appears. If you are correcting a small error you will want to use the thin eraser.
  • To erase a large area, you can use the eraser tool to “draw” a large circle around it.
  • Then press once with the eraser in the center and the entire area is erased.
  • Typewritten text and inserted images cannot be erased with the eraser and must be deleted instead.


  • The next page, previous page, new page, delete a page buttons are all on the normal toolbar as well and have the same function
  • The Auto-hide button hides the sidebar and gives you more room on each page.
  • To reopen the sidebar, click on any tab.
  • The tabs give quick access to the page sorter, gallery, attachments, and property window.
  • The sidebar toggle allows you to move the sidebar to the other side of the board.

The Gallery

  • The Gallery is a collection of clip art, backgrounds, multimedia content, notebook files and pages that you can insert into an existing file. It is like ClipArt in PowerPoint.
  • To access the Gallery, click the Gallery tab.

  • The Gallery is divided into sections.
  • The first of these is called My Content. This is a place you can store your own pictures, files, media, etc.
  • Gallery Essentials is an assortment of images and other files arranged by subject.
  • Lesson Activity Toolkit has games, activities, and tools that allow you to create your own presentations.
  • The Sampler is a small collection of the Essentials
  • SMART Exchange is an online resource for lessons to download. You can also upload your own lessons and access the forum discussions.
  • The gallery contains a lot more than just images. There are games, video clips, and activities to use as well

The Floating Toolbar

  • You have probably noticed this toolbar on the side of your screen. It contains the commonly used tools.
  • The tab on the side allows you to hide the toolbar or to move it.
  • Click on the double-arrows to show or hide the toolbar.
  • Click and drag on the dotted grate to move it.
  • You can also customize the buttons on this toolbar by clicking the gear to get the customize window to open.