Happy Holidays, December 2017

As you reflect on the last year, recall how your support of students, in whatever capacity, has been a helping hand to those who will prosper through education. Happy holidays from all of us at GRASP.

Meet GRASP Alumnus Jonathan Barrett, Resident Minister and 2nd Lieutenant, Army National Guard

What schools have you attended? I attended Franklin Military Academy (2012), Southern Virginia University (1 year), and transferred to Wheeling Jesuit University to finish up my undergraduate degree (2016) and master's (6 credits remaining to complete.) What is the best thing GRASP has done for you? I would say the best thing that GRASP has done for me was making me aware that people other than my parents care about me and believe in me. Plus, GRASP helped me with the resources to become more! Definitely a blessing! What are you currently doing? I'm currently working in higher education at Wheeling Jesuit University as a Student Activities Coordinator. I am a Resident Minister and Assistant Wrestling Coach as well. I am also a 2nd Lieutenant in the Virginia Army National Guard. I am an MBA candidate; 6 credits away from graduating.
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What educational advice would you give to students? One piece of educational advice would be to always keep going towards your passion. When things go wrong find a way to make it work. Education is about figuring it out. Go towards your passion because it will make a huge difference in your happiness. "Keep going towards your passion." What is the biggest educational challenge you have faced? The biggest challenge I had to overcome as it relates to my educational pathway would probably be financing. I believe this is an issue for most college students. I left my first university where I had the opportunity to contract with the ROTC program to attend another university that had a wrestling program at a higher level. My first school was extremely expensive and that ROTC scholarship would have made it nothing. But, I had a passion and pursued it, and wrestling ended up subsidizing my undergraduate and master's degree tremendously. "Keep going and figure it out."

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