Spanish 2

Dec. 15- Dec. 19

Week 17

This week students are still working in Unit 5! In this unit students learn to talk and write about what they do in their spare time and the cool things that teenagers in Spain do in their free time. Please check-in with your student to make sure that they are on track and not falling behind because work disappears from the course now shortly after it is due! As the holidays are approaching encourage your students to work ahead so that that they don't have to worry about working over school breaks. From this Friday, December 19th I will not be logging in to the course daily and students do not need to either--until January 5th!


Meaghan DeRusso

Did your student forget to complete any work from last week?

If so they still have a one week buffer to make any of it up!

Below you will see the list of work for Week 16-this is the list of work that was technically due on Dec. 12 that they can still double check they have completed--(until this Friday)!

Traveling for the holidays? If your student wants to get ahead so they don't have to worry about working over the holiday here is the list of work due until break!

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