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The newsletter for pod 6-7

Social Studies

This month in Mrs. Dunn’s social studies class, we are finishing up our Ancient Greece chapter. To tie it all together, we are making a metope representing the difference between Athens and Sparta. We brought in our favorite music to help with an activity to recap on the four types of government. We are also doing our current events project. So far the people who have presented are Bella, Rikito, Taylor, Nathan, Andrew, Mia, Faith, Jack, Matthew, Cameron, Liz, Tessa, Emma, and Grace. We have to research on what is currently happening, and then Present it to the class. We are working hard to achieve great grades!

Mrs. Dunn's Language Arts

This month in Mrs. Dunn’s language arts class, we are reading Nothing But The Truth, and learning about different view points, and bias.We have just finished a book talk on our independent book. We are also working on Achieve3000, a website that helps you improve your reading skills by giving you nonfiction articles and a list of activities to go along with it. We do a lesson every Tuesday and Thursday, in hopes of getting better at reading. In writing, we just finished interviewing each other and are now going to make a class book. We are going to have a great time this year!


In math all the students are busy at work during periods 1, 4, and 5 because it's Math! The advanced, periods 4 and 5, are working on dimensional analysis. In August, they were learning how to solve multi-step equations with variables in them. Also, they have been solving literal equations. The regular math, period 1, has been digging deep in a chapter about fractions. They have been working on multiplying fractions. Before they started fractions, they were working on order of operations. So far, everyone has been having fun in math with Mr. Ioannacci.

Mrs. Glenesk's Language Arts

This month in Mrs. Glenesk L.A. class we have been doing many things. We have been learning all of the signposts including contrast and contradiction, again and again, and also words of the wiser. We also have been reading all the time.For example,we are reading the book called Wonder and we have reading groups, the books we are reading in our reading groups include Julie and the Wolves, Hatchet,

Cryptid Hunters, Peak, and Killing Sea. Vocabulary is very important so that is why we are learning it, and we are also learning root words. We learn many quotes from the book Wonder but we are focusing on one is particular,''if you have the choice to be right or kind choose kind.''

Mr. Ioannacci's Language Arts

In Mr. Ioannacci's language arts, we do a lot with writing and book clubs. We are currently reading a book by Daniel DeFoe that is called "Robinson Crusoe". We do book clubs for each book and discuss what is going on. Every five or six days, we do a Socratic seminar, which is basically a discussion of a book with people evaluating the conversation. We do writing prompts and other writing things as well. Every three weeks, we do word study. There is a lot of steps to doing it, but it is still very fun at the same time. In a little bit, we will be doing grammar units as well. So far, Language arts with Mr. Ioannacci has been very fun.


In September, advanced science has done many cool learning activities and experiments. We have been creating our own experiments out of limited materials and rotating around and conducting others' experiments. Also we have a flower control and sugar lab, common conversions and measurements, and a chewing gum lab. In our science book, in lesson one we learned about the different types of observations , predictions, and inferences. In lesson two we have been doing scientific attitudes, and scientific reasoning. In the last lesson in unit one we have and are learning about scientific inquiry.In September in regular science we have been learning many thing. That include quantitative and qualitative observations, the 7 steps of the scientific method, and also independent and dependent variables. We also have been doing many fun experiments including the gummy bear lab, the gum lab, etc. We also have been doing many assignments including the lab safety posters.We have all enjoyed learning with Mrs. Glenesk!

Student Shoutout

In Team 6-7 each home room the students voted for the students that they think have been doing an exceptional job. They picked the student that they thought worked the hardest, was focused on school, and had the best behavior. Also, they picked the student they thought had the best attitude and who they thought helped out a lot. In Mrs. Dunn's home room, the students picked Morgan Wood. In Mr. Ioannacci's home room, the students chose Jillian Flinta. The students in Mrs. Glenesk's home room voted for Meghan Chen.

Morgan Wood is very determined to be successful in all the things she does. Every thing that is due soon gets done right away with little procrastinating if any.. Morgan works very efficiently and prefers to work independently. While at the moment she is doing nothing out of school, she plays basketball and runs track later in the year.

Jillian Flinta works very hard during school and values education a lot. She gets her work done very efficiently without any procrastination. She is very independent and likes to work independently so she can get the job done. However, with all her schoolwork, she still is able to do extracurricular activities, like dance class and hanging out with her friends. She is able to balance it all out very well.

Meghan Chen is a wonderful student that works her hardest on everything she does. She is very efficient when she is working and prefers to work independently and with groups. She values learning a lot. Although she works very hard during school, she also works very hard in playing volleyball and the piano. All of these students have great qualities and work very hard.