Peek at the Week

January 18-22, 2016

Monday, January 18

  • No School - MLK Day
  • Here is great chance to see what your child remembers about Rosa Parks and MLK. We will talk about Ruby Bridges this week.
  • Happy birthday to Adelyn!

Tuesday, January 19

  • Gym with Anne

Do: Read 15 minutes

Wednesday, January 20

  • Art with Holly

Do: 15 minutes of reading

Bring: Library Books

Thursday, January 21

  • Music with Janet

Bring: STAR folder

Do: Read 15 minutes

Friday, January 22

  • Gym with Anne

Bring: Completed reading log

Bring: Homework Packet

Happy birthday to Mayar!

January 18 - MLK Day

We discussed who Martin Luther King was and why he is so important. We will read Martin’s Big Words by Doreen Rappaport and we will look at excerpts from Dr. King’s famous speech, "I Have A Dream". Here are some interesting facts:

-Martin Luther King Jr. Day was first celebrated in 1986.

-After the Civil War, slaves were freed, but they did not have equal rights.

-Blacks were not allowed to vote or attend white schools.

-MLK wanted to change things, but didn’t want to hurt anyone.

-He was a minister.

-He asked people to quit riding the buses after Rosa Parks was arrested.

-He led a march to support the lunch counter sit-in and was put in jail.

-Children joined his marches.

-1963 he led a march to Washington, D.C. where he gave his famous speech.

-250,000 people were there.

-Millions of people began working for equal rights.

-They followed Dr. King’s rule--meet hate with love.

-In 1964 laws were passed promising equal rights to all Americans.

Upcoming events:

January 25 - No School - Teacher Workshops

January 29 Rally and Spirit Day: Jersey Day

February 2 - Field trip to MIA

February 12 - Jump Rope For Heart

February 15 - No School - President's Day

Febryary 25 - Happy Birthday to Jamison!

February 25 - Field Trip to Old Cahill School

February 29 - Book Fair all week

*A reminder to continue collecting box tops. There will be another collection in the spring.

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