The Maze Runner

James Dashner


The book The Maze Runner by James Dashner is about a boy named Thomas who wakes up in a strange place called the glade which is in the center of a giant maze. In the glade other kids and Thomas try to escape the maze while also hiding from robotic monsters called grievers who are trying to kill them. This book is full of suspenseful moments and many chase scenes. Thomas proves heroic as he leads his group safety from the grievers. As a science fiction thriller the Maze Runner was a quick read and kept my attention throughout.


Thomas is the main character in The Maze Runner. He is a leader that helps rescue a group that are trapped in the maze with the griever's. His character is the hero in this story.


The setting for the story The Maze runner is a maze. The characters must attempt to navigate through and find there way to safety. In the maze the grievers try to kill you and provide potential danger around every corner. As an added twist the shape of the maze changes every night.

book review

For me, “The Maze Runner” was a good but not great setup to what appears that it will be a fantastic trilogy. I think it will gain a lot from the future books as I can look back and see how Dashner set things up.

The book starts off a little slow, having to introduce the reader into the world of The Gladers, but after the girl arrives, the pace of the book picks up and never slows down. There are parts of the book that will have the reader laughing and others that will have the reader crying. Dashner does an excellent job of building suspense and attaching the reader to these characters. The Maze Runner is a book that should not be missed.


Life’s challenges create hero’s in unpredictable and unexpected ways. This can be seen in the main characters in the novels “The Maze Runner” and “Legend”. Both Thomas, in “The Maze Runner”, and Day, in “Legend” can be identified as hero’s. Thomas is seen as a hero when he helps save Minho and Alby from futuristic robots called grievers. Thomas put the safety of his friends in front of his own, and took risks to protect them. Similarly, Day saves the life of June when she was being attacked by a group of angry people in a skiz fight. He thought of her first, and used some creative thinking to make a smoke bomb to hide both of them so they could escape. Thomas also had to be a creative thinker to defeat the griever, and lure the griever into a pit trap while also making sure that his friends don’t get hurt. The ability to think on their feet and their selflessness in putting others ahead of themselves make both Thomas and Day legitimate hero’s in their respective novels.

About the author

James Dashner is an american writer of speculative fiction. he primarily writes series for children or young adults. James Dashner was born on November 26 1972 in Austell, Georgia. He graduated from Duluth High School and Brigham Young university in utah, this is where he received a master's degree in accounting. James Dashner has written many stories including the Maze runner series, the Infinity Ring Series, the 13th Reality Series, And many more.