My brain Hemisphere data

Jesseenia Plaza 7th period


Refers to the idea that people may rely on a preferred mode of cognitive processing which is linked to activity on the part of the left or right cerebral hemisphere.



  • Tends to be more dominant in creative activities.
  • Is more visual oriented, involved in activities such as visual imagery and face recognition.
  • Tends to view information as a whole, rather than as individual details.
  • Tends to process information more intuitively or randomly.
  • Is involved in spacial abilities, such as judging the position of things in space, and knowing your body position.
  • Controls muscles on the left side of the body. It also receives sensory information from the left side of the body
  • Tends to be more dominant in logical or analytical activities.
  • Processes information more logically or sequentially.
  • Is dominant in understanding and using language, including listening, reading, speaking and writing.
  • Is involved in the memory for spoken and written messages, and plays a major role in the analysis of information.
  • Controls muscles on the right side of the body, and receives sensory information from the right side of the body.

My results!

  1. One the first one it said: "Congratulations. You use your brain equally." And it had a image of a brain where the left had 44% and the right 56%.
  2. In the secound one said: "Total score: 11" and "Percentage of test takers more right brain dominant than you: 29%". So in that one I scored 11 that fill in the category "Between 8-12:You use the left and right sides of your brain in a balanced way."
  3. Finally in the third one said: "You are 70% left and 30% right brained!" "You are rather logical in your thinking, analytical and rational."