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I will donate 25% of EVERY Beautycounter order, placed during March, to St. Baldricks. St. Baldricks Foundation supports research grants that help fight, treat and understand childhood cancers.

Did you know currently only 4% of the federal budget to study cancer is allocated to childhood cancers?

This year - to date over $16.5 MILLION has been raised through their signature head shaving events.

Childhood cancer is not like adult cancer. Most children under 5 are diagnosed in late stages. Treatments can come with longterm health effects (like blindness) and in the last 20 years only THREE new drugs have come to market specifically for children.

If you're running low on your favorite Beautycounter products or have a treat to send someone special this is a great month to stock up!!!

I'm shaving it ALL off! ALL of it!

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I felt strongly I needed to do something unifying and kind that served my community and that this was the right time for me. I was inspired by a friend who shaved her head last year and I'm a mom - so this was an easy pick!

After reviewing St. Baldricks financials I was on-board. Less than 4% of money raised goes towards administration fees. THAT'S AWESOME! 26% goes back into fundraising (web pages, phones, office space, tee shirts...) and 70% goes DIRECTLY to research!!!!!!!

I have set an $8,000 goal and this is ONE of the ways I'm fundraising. As of this morning nearly $4800 has been raised.

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How else can I help?

This month 4 people have offered to host online socials. These socials are run differently than a typical one. I set it up - you invite anyone you think would be interested in supporting St. Baldricks or Beautycounter and we go from there. I typically post 1-2 times a day (about Beautycounter and St. Baldricks) and your guests have a chance to donate directly to St. Baldricks or to help by purchasing Beautycounter. The response has been overwhelmingly positive!!! So far this month these socials have brought in over $2,000 in donations!!!!!

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please message me.

After a week I close the social and your guests are no longer getting messages from me.

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