Mount Rushmore

By: Caroline Diaz

The Real Mount rushmore

My first person

I think that my mom is special because she loves me and takes care of me. Sometimes she takes care of other people. At daycare she used to take care of avery sick boy. She is there for us. If she is not here she helps us thought the phone. That’s is why i want my mom on my Mount Rushmore.

My second person

The second person I would put on my Mount Rushmore is my step-dad , Martin Valdivia. I love him very much because his gas been here for me and my sisters. He gets us what we want, but we have to earn it to get it. Sometimes he is very protective because he wants us to be safe. In the summer we can not go fast on the bikes. That's why I have him on my Mount Rushmore.

My other person

My Last person