The Water Planet

By: Daniel Gonzalez & Shemar Carrington

Water Percentage on Earth

There is about 72.5 percent of water on earth. There are many different types and forms of water on the earth. There's Oceans(inland seas & salt lakes), Freshwater,glaciers and icecaps, groundwater, Rivers(lakes,swamps), and soil moisture and atmosphere.

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Different Water Types

Oceans: 96.5%

Freshwater: 3.5%

Glaciers & Icecaps: .06%

Groundwater: 1.7%

Rivers and Lakes: 1.74%

Soil moisture and atmosphere: .002%

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There are many diffrent oceas and other parts of The Water Planet

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The Water Cycle

Thye water cycle is the process on earth in which water goes through things like transpiration,runoffs,evaporation, and etc

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