SW Snowden Highlights




Teacher Workday-No School for Students

9/29 Tues.

Leadership Team Meeting (SIT)

9/30 Wed.

Professional Development Plans (PDPs) for teachers should be completed online.

10/1 Wed. Home Game against Chocowinity Middle School. Concessions will be open.

10/6 Tues.

Historic Bath trip for 4th grade

10/7 Wed.

3:15 Staff Development workshop with Officer Correas

10/8 Thurs.

6:30 PTO meeting in the cafeteria

10/12 Mon.

SPLASH after school program begins

Boy Scout Leader, Brandon Kliner shares program information with K-5

10/15 Thurs.

6:00 pm Boy Scouts parent meeting

10/19 Mon.

Technology Night for Parents and Guardians (This training is geared towards adults who want to learn more about how to access important information online.)

10/20 Tues.

County-wide Trivia Bee for Staff

10/29 Thursday

Retakes for Life Touch (photographs)

3:30-4:30 Middle School Dance in the cafeteria

10/30 Friday

Required Teacher Workday

Our Student Volley Ball Team goes up Against Staff

Coach Whitley set up a practice game for our volley ball team this past Monday. This provided our students with an additional opportunity for practice before the game against Bear Grass. (We also had a great deal of fun.) Staff participants this week included- Mr. White (Music), Mr. Hampson (4th grade), Ms. Renee Smith (1st grade), Ms. Chanaay Moore (5th grade), Ms Clearly (middle school science) and Mr. Manley (middle social studies), Mr. Parsons (Guidance Counselor).

Come out and support our Teams! Games begin at 4:00 pm in our Gym

SWS Sports Schedule

Date Visiting Team


Thu 9/24/2015 Bear Grass

Thu 10/8/2015 Chocowinity


Wed 12/9/2015 Bear Grass

Wed 12/16/2015 Northeast

Wed 1/13/2016 St. Peter Blue

Wed 1/20/2016 Chocowinity

Wed 1/27/2016 Bath

Mon 2/8/2016 St. Peter Green


United Way and Girls Scout Sponsored Programs

United Way is sponsoring a 6 session program called Be a Friend First and Help Stop Bullying or BFF for our middle school girls. The main focus in on bully prevention and how to maintain supportive and healthy friendships

Our 4th and 5th grade girls will take advantage of a similar self esteem program. This leads into the BFF program in middle school.

Students in these grades will receive more information on these programs soon.

About Us

S.W. Snowden serves about 200 students in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade . The students come from Beaufort County communities in and around Aurora, Edward, and Blounts Creek. The school's history can be traced back over several years and it has been restructured several times. In 1970, the Aurora school was renamed S. W. after Mr. Seward Webb Snowden who was a dedicated principal from the 1940s to the 1960s.