May Tasks

I thank God for the work of the Godllywood.


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Task 1

I did not have anything to report but this week I saw how many food are going to waste in the auxiliaries kitchen. I took a picture and tomorrow I am going to show Pastor Gideon.

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Task 2

I am reading and sharing the strong messages from the Book; and something that God revealed to me this month is that I cannot change my husband with my words, I cannot even change myself. The changes that I am fighting for is only God that can help me. I say that because I noticed that many times I tried show to him what he needed to change but I was not praying about it. Therefore I decided to stop complaining about it and instead I take to God; and I have being seeing the results already.

This week he was praying very loud and instead of saying to him again I prayed and didn't say anything; and them Bishop spoke about this in the meeting and for sure he will stop to do that because now the Holy Spirit revealed to him not me.

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Task 3

I am building a friendship with Dora and Narlet. I know that in other for me to have good friends I need to be one. Therefore if they don't invite me to go out or call me, I will call them and I will invite them.

I have many friends among the wives, I mean real friends that I know I can count with them. However I do recognise that I need to be more aware of their needs, to pray more for them, and to give more of my time for the wives that are not so close to me.

I invited Dora to exercice with me so I can be more close to her.

Narlet is very sweety I spent a lot of time with her and also took her to a portuguese restaurant. We spoke about things we went through and how we are overcome, it was really nice, and the food was delicious!!!

Task 4

I love to make my house a home. These are the things that I got this month.