A workshop for any athlete interested in yoga

Want to find out how yoga can help your athletic performance? Then this workshop is for YOU!

Yoga has been shown to help athletes prevent injury, focus mentally, increase oxygen consumption and of course increase flexibility and balance. In this workshop we'll chat about the benefits of adding a yoga practice to your training regimen as well as go through a physical practice. We'll begin with a warm up and then settle into postures (think long, deep holds). This practice includes an extra long savasana where we will also go through some mental training techniques.

Saturday May 17; 1:30-3 pm; $15

About Anna Mack

For Anna, yoga was initially a workout. A way to get more flexible. That all changed a few years when she realized that yoga didn't just challenge her body, but it calmed her and balanced her constantly moving mind. She loves finding new ways to challenge the body and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others in hopes someone will find their own inspiration.

Anna has a BS in Exercise Science, MS in Sport Management and training in strength and conditioning.