L3 Patisserie


Induction starts Tuesday 9th September 2014

Welcome back to Middlesbrough College. I am your tutor Mrs Cocking. You will need your kitchen whites on the first day. We will be making Genoese sponge to freeze for another day and scones. This will help you to get back into college life. You will be cooking again on Thursday.

On the first day you will be given your timetable and if you have any questions about anything to do with the course you only have to ask. Your full time timetable will be over 3 days, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This leaves Friday as your work experience day. You will need to do 30 hours of work experience this year.

Look forward to seeing you on the 9th...

Take a look at this clip of William Curley a Master Chocolatier making truffles

GUINNESS chocolates with William Curley