Slavery Today

How is it possible that slavery still exists in 2015?

Modern slavery

Many people believe that slavery has been completely abolished. Unfortunately, more people are enslaved than ever before. It has changed a lot too. The prices of slaves have decreased immensely. Slavery now comes in many different forms. There is child labor, forced labor, bonded labor, domestic servitude, and human trafficking. Actually, the most common is human trafficking. Sadly to say, slavery exist in the U.S. The reason why we don't see or recognize it, is because it is hidden and disguised from the outside world. People don't know it now, but our actions affect global slavery.

Human Trafficking is...

Human Trafficking is a commercial act of sexual activity. It is sexual exploitation that has been classified as forced labor. Though in some cases it's a choice...

Some people feel that going into this business is the only way out of their problems. They may not know this, but it actually creates more.


Recent studies have shown that one of the main causes of human trafficking is poverty. Poverty has increased over the past years. Poverty is frequently caused by the lack of education. In many cases, the average age of victims are 14 years old or older. This means that people are enslaved before they graduate from high school.

Another cause of human trafficking is that the victims are usually threatened by the attackers. Their families may receive death threats, or the victims will be beaten. The victims are often mentally and physically abused.

U.S. child poverty rate (2001-2010)

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The big effect is that the victims life is always at risk. They have to be careful about their actions. One wrong move could cost them their life. This prevents them from seeking help. They feel like there isn't a way out. Unfortunately, only 32% of the victims escape from their attackers and make it back home safely.

How are people getting away with this?

This sick business is hidden behind walls. People have ways of hiding it from the authorities. People have made secret websites publicizing their traffickers. You may be wondering how the attackers capture innocent victims. They kidnap and steal people from their families. Some even manipulate families into thinking that they are taking their children to get a better education. What the attackers really do is drug victims and hold them in captivity. The victims are usually frightened and feel a close bond with their attackers. Also, when victims try to escape the captors typically threaten or beat them.

Human Trafficking pie chart

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There are many programs that help prevent human trafficking. Some of the program include The Atlanta Human Trafficking Project, ATP (anti-trafficking program), etc.

There are many NGO (non-government organizations) helping victims start over. They provide homes, food, jobs, and so much more.

There are also protests to give more attention to human trafficking and human rights.


I think human trafficking is a horrible "business" to be in. It can ruin a persons life. The attackers are just taking advantage of innocent people. People could easily get a job somewhere other than trafficking. They could even work at a fast food restaurant. They do not have to feel abandoned. The person could easily get some help and stability. I think that if a person is held in captivity as a trafficker, they have to be brave if they want to escape. All they have to do is reach out to someone they can trust. If the world all gave more attention to modern day slavery, there would be more peace in the world.


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