Rubber Tappers Conflict

By Manuel Romero Rangel

Why Rubber Tapper need the Amazon Rainforest?

The Rubber Tappers first came to the Amazon Rainforest in 1870. At that date they started taking the rubber sap from the rubber trees. They needed the rubber trees to be able to have rubber sap to make the rubber. The only place that had rubber trees, was in the Amazon Rainforest because of the weather and climate that the rainforest had. It was mostly known that the Rubber Tappers used the rubber trees from the Amazon Rainforest.

Why Loggers are the Problem?

Loggers are known for different kinds of problems. One of those problems are that they are cutting down the trees which the Rubber Tappers use. The loggers might help us because they get the wood that we use for making different kinds of furniture, but they are actually cutting down the trees that are hurting the people that use the rainforest or live in the rainforest. They are cutting down the trees that the Rubber Tappers use for making rubber. The Rubber Tappers say that there should be part of the rain forest that has rubber trees to keep for them, so the Loggers don't destroy all the rubber trees.

Uses of Rubber

Most of all the rubber comes from the Amazon Rainforest. The rubber is used for different kinds of rubber objects, such as wheels,balls, erasers and other things that are made out of rubber. If we didn't have Rubber we wouldn't be able to make the wheels that let our cars go and other rubber objects that help us. Loggers should stop cutting down the rubber trees, so we don't lose the rubber that we use.