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December 2018 edition

In this newsletter:

  • A "digital citizenship for grown ups" security tip
  • Edcamp 612 is next month
  • Flip for Flipgrid
  • Stop Motion for ipads
  • We have an Adobe Spark domain you can use with students!
  • And, of course, flashback news (in case you missed it the first time)


Securing your screen-- lock when you walk

In an effort to improve our security practices--- consider this:

When you are not in your classroom (or at your desk, for non-classroom folks) you should ALWAYS lock your screen.

It is really easy---

  • hold down the windows button and
  • tap L (doesn't have to be capital)
  • When you return, Ctrl-alt-delete will let you sign in again. Quick and easy!

This will lock your screen so nobody walking by (student or otherwise) can access your email (or anything else you are signed in to) or any student data we are obligated to protect.

Make this a habit--- we love to save passwords, so it is important to make sure we are the only ones on our computers!

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Also, Password Reset

A quote from Melanie-- "Have you reset your password yet? You have to. Literally, you have to. Because your password will expire." Seriously. Just heard her say it on the phone.

So, have you reset it yet? Have you been putting it off?

Today is the day! It just takes a couple minutes.

Click here for steps to enroll in the system and change your password.


Attention JR HIGH teachers-- Edcamp 6-12 is for you!

A morning just for our upper grade teachers--- last year the topics and learning were amazing! Hope you will join us for some networking with local jr. high and high school teachers! (everyone is welcome, 6th-12th grade teachers are awesome people to hang out with!)

Click here to register for this free, voluntary, teacher led event! Hope to see you on January 12!

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Have you flipped for Flipgrid yet?

Listen, if you HAVE already used Flipgrid, talk it up with your colleagues! The ability to have students record their thinking-- become the "YouTube star" you know they think they will be-- while talking about their learning? Gold! Share how you have used it, and tell others why they should use it, too!

And if you are all like "What is this Flipgrid thing?" let me tell you--- it is kind of like a video bulletin board (works on Chromebooks, and iPads with the app in Self Service) where you give students a prompt, and they record a short video to respond. Then, they can reply to each other (Collaboration and communication with accountability? Yes please!)

Think "get my ELD students speaking". Think "Encourage my student who can tell a story, but won't write as much". Think "Describe what was happening in the science experiment." Think "Tell us about the book you are reading right now." I can go on and on, but the truth is, once you spend a little time showing students how to use Flipgrid, it will be easy (and so worth it) to weave it into any lesson.

Learn more about Flipgrid

Click here to see a Google Slides deck about Flipgrid


iPad App Alert-- Stop Motion videos

You have a teacher iPad--- use the StoryMation app, or Stop Motion Studio to create elements of a lesson that will capture your students attention. Stop motion can present your essential question, describe a problem that needs to be solved, demonstrate a math procedure or even model a social skill. Use your creativity and add stop motion to your engagement tool belt!

Do you have student iPads? Both apps are in Self Service so your students can create movies. Consider the ways they can create to show learning, understanding, opinions, procedures, sight words--- this is a tool they can use in so many settings.

Click the button below to check out the slides from a recent Teachers Supporting Teachers. You will find steps, examples, and the videos we created at the training. Let me know if I can come help your students get started!

Learn more about Stop Motion video creation

Click here to see a Google Slides deck and stop motion videos


Adobe Spark for Creativity

Adobe Spark--- for awhile it has been available but not accessible to students, but Adobe has done something awesome! They created a student domain that we can use for free in the classroom! Read below to get some possible uses for this website/apps (yup, available to all students regardless of device). Guide your students to create graphics/videos/webpages in a safe and secure environment.

Here's the thing--- we need to create student access through our admin site. SO, if you want your students to use Adobe Spark, DO NOT have them just go to the webpage/app and sign in with their google account. Let me get accounts set up, then they will use the "Login with School Account" button.

Email/call me (hi, I'm Liz!) and I will get your student accounts ready plus give you more information. Then, watch them create content they will be so proud of! Adobe Spark makes it easy!


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Merry Christmas, happy holiday and a joyous new year to you and your family!

May you enjoy every moment of what 2018 has left for you, and look forward to bright new adventures in 2019!

Being part of the Hueneme family is on my gratitude list, and I hope it is for you as well!



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