How to become a cardiologist

How much money does a cardiologist make?

The pay scale depends on your length of employment and if you have any specialties. It has been reported that 21% of new Cardiologist make between 200k-300k and 22% of intermediate Cardiologist make between 300k-400k. Seasoned Doctors with years of service can make 400k-500k.


To become a cardiologist you need 4 years of medical school, 3 years of medical residency and 2-3 years of Cardiology Fellowship. It would take almost 10 years to gain the required education to become a Cardiologist. Three of the best medical schools to become a cardiologist are Harvard University, Stanford University and the University of Pennsylvania, medical school.

The rewards of being a cardiologist

There are many rewards of being a cardiologist. The first reward is to be able to help people with their heart problems. Saving lives is very rewarding. There are also numerous personal rewards. With a Cardiologist' salary, you can afford to live in the best neighborhoods and live in an expensive house. You can also afford your "dream" car. Many Cardiologist receive signing bonuses and are often promoted at high rates than other doctors.

How to become a cardiologist

''Cardiologist is a Physician who specializes in diagnosing, treating and preventing medical conditions of the heart and blood vessels -the cardiovascular system".

#1. Earn a bachelor's degree

#2. Graduate from medical school

#3. Earn a medical license

#4. Complete a Residency in internal medicine

#5. Complete a fellowship in cardiology