Visit a Gynecologist No Matter What

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4 Reasons Why You Need to Visit a Gynecologist No Matter What

Contrary to popular perception, a gynecologist not only deals with pregnancy and childbirth but also with various other disorders of the reproductive system. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, every woman, starting from the age of 13-15, should make it a practice to visit a gynecologist at least once a year. The best gynecologist in Bangalore can provide an assessment of your overall health by examining the standard vital signs, inguinal lymph nodes, body mass index and lower abdomen. A general physician might not always be the best choice when there are female-specific issues.

When to Visit a Gynecologist

  1. Menstrual Irregularities: A regular menstrual cycle is an indicator of reproductive well-being of a woman, unless of course she is pregnant. If your menstrual cycle has stopped or has become irregular, it can be a warning of a probable health issue. It is important to visit a gynecologist in Bangalore to get yourself examined at the earliest. Some common symptoms requiring such a visit include recurrent periods within a span of 21 days or less, inter-menstrual bleeding, longer periods, delayed period or abnormally heavy bleeding. Such symptoms may many time indicate serious medical conditions, such as fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis or pelvic infection.
  2. Lower Abdominal Pain: An acute pain in the lower abdominal region should not be ignored. Symptoms such as occasional pelvic pain or menstrual cramps in the abdomen should be treated at the earliest. Severe abdominal pain after sexual intercourse, similar to that during menstruation, should be treated on priority by a medical professional. Presence of a painful lump in the abdomen can indicate serious health issues.
  3. Pre-Pregnancy Counseling: Motherhood is an amazing experience. If you are planning to have a baby, it is advisable to go for pre-pregnancy counseling from the best gynecologist in Bangalore before you start trying to start a family. One can get requisite tests done to check for any underlying medical conditions that can come in the way of a healthy pregnancy. Medical tips for a healthy and happy pregnancy can help extremely useful too.
  4. Breast Examination: Breast cancer has no specific cause and a large number of women are affected by it every year. Early detection and treatment is the best course of action to beat breast cancer. A woman should never ignore any discomfort in the breasts during periods or if one can feel a lump in the region. Discharge from the breasts can be another strong indicator of breast cancer. Regular breast examination by an OBGyn can help in detecting and treating this disease in time.