6th Grade Technology Review

By: Jake Petasek

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Typing Web

  • Every day the first thing you do is typing for five minutes in Typing Web.
  • This website will help you in many different ways with your typing including speed and accuracy.
  • I really enjoy coming to Technology to type because I feel like I will need it in the future.


  • This is a project that you will do in technology to show who you are.
  • This project can also help you figure out how use the app iMovie encase you do not know how to use it .
  • I enjoy this project because you get learn about other people and what they like to do.

Haiku Deck

  • Is another project that you need to do to learn about any job that you want.
  • You get to learn about a job that you may want to accomplish in the future.
  • I enjoy this project because this project helped me plan my future.

Explain Everything

  • In this project you have to solve a math problem.
  • You don't just get to use your math skills you also get figure out how use Explain Everything.
  • I liked this project because it helped me figure out how to use Explain Everything so I know for any other projects in the future.

Career Locker

  • This unit you will be learning and getting ready for your presentation about your job that you will pick.
  • You need to find your job and college and tell lots of things about the two.
  • I loved this project because I got to figure out how much it will be to go to college and what you need to accomplish to get the job you want.


  • In this unit you will learn how to do coding if you like video games you will love coding.
  • What you will learn is how to make your own game by using the website coding.
  • I like this unit because I thought it was fun making your own game and controls.