Langston Hughes

By: Brisa Landaverry

Biography & Impacts

Langston Hughes was a African American growing up in the 1920's. He wanted to be a writer from a young age and eventually he met his goal. Of course, there were many struggles to make this happen. His dad didn't encourage him and he grew up during The Harlem Renaissance, meaning racism was a struggle, as well. He held multiple jobs to help provide for himself as a young man. With time, he was noticed by a famous critic, named Carl Van Vechten. This was his big break of publicity. His big impact was that he was one of the best African American poets/authors during The Harlem Renaissance. He was an inspiration to many people and encouraged them through these rough and wild times.
Langston Hughes - "The Weary Blues" on CBUT, 1958
1. Would Langston Hughes ever read his poems aloud or just write them privately and let others read them themselves?