Nudging Again

Pages 151-172


Nudging Again starts with Titus asleep, but having the feeling that someone is tapping into his head. He starts having visions of tattered khaki's, and the first thing he realizes about them is the price. Soon the vision unfolds into the scene of a riot is action, and just as it is reaching its climax, Titus is woken up by Violet, who is acting very distraught, claiming that she feels someone else trying to tap in. Violet calls Feedtech trying to track down whoever was trying to tap into her feed, but the only thing she gets from Feedtech is advise on how she can buy products that are just her. Titus, not caring too much about how upset violet is, complainingly asks if he can go back to sleep. Later a promotional Coca-Cola ad reveals that by saying something about Coke an X amount of times will win you free coke. Titus and his friends decide to have a party dedicated to talking about coke. At the party it is revealed that the vision of riots that Titus had, were just ads for the newest style of clothing featuring riot gear and torn clothing. At the party Violet feel out of place and unwanted there, and shortly after leaving to go buy some Coke, she is teased for being smart and asking about what the riot was about. Violet struggles to convince Titus to bring her home, and after multiple attempts, finally succeeds. On the way back, it is revealed that Violets Feed is deteriorating which could in turn cause her health to deteriorate quickly ultimately leading to her death.

Cultural studies

  • Symbols and clothing that were once associated with revolution, reform, and uprising, have been depreciated and now turned into just another fashion sense.


  • When Violet feels uncomfortable to the point of it being unbearable, she stands up for herself and refuses to take no for an answer when she tells Titus to take her home.

Essential Question

To what extent does media influence personal appearance, self image, and choice?

Throughout the book, advertisement involving new clothing styles, hit new products, and more are constantly talked about, mostly how they catch on so quickly. A prime example of this is the riot gear clothing. Titus dreamt about it, and then the next day he sees people already wearing these new clothes. It was a literal overnight change from the old to the new.