The Life of a Llama

What is a Llama?

A llama is an animal that is a relative of the South American Camel. Although, they don't have a hump. Their relatives are guanacos and vicunas. These animals can go up to 20 miles of traveling in a single day which equals to 32 kilometers. They help people carry goods and they're a great use to people that are traveling from one place to another. But, a llama that has too much weight put on them will refuse to move because the baggage that is expected to be carried by them is too much. The food that a llama usually eats is grass. They chomp on them before swallowing them in order to digest them. All the grass needs to travel throughout their body in order to complete the cycle of their digestion process. Llamas can also contribute more than just transportation to humans. Leather is made from the hides of a llama. Also, their wool is crafted into rugs, ropes, and fabric. But on the negative side, llamas can sometimes be slaughtered just for their meat.
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Llama Day

Tuesday, Dec. 9th, 12pm


During the year, this is the day when we appreciate llamas.

Captivating Llama Facts:

*Llama has excellent sense of sight, smell and hearing, which are used for detection of potential danger.
*Llama's body is covered with wool which can be black, gray, white or brown, with variety of patterns.
*Llamas are herbivores (eat only plants). They eat grass and ferns mainly. *Llama on the farm may eat 6 pounds of hay per day.
*Pregnancy in llamas lasts 11 ½ months and ends with a single baby.
*Lifespan of llamas is between 20 and 30 years.
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