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March 25, 2020

Principal's Message

As we enter the second week of sheltering at home, it's important to stay connected. With this in mind, the focus of our Vista Views is going to shift to include resources to support you and your family. You'll find recommendations for articles, tips for activities, and links, links, links.

One of the links you'll find is to my weekly video message for students. Please share this with your children. It's a small but important way to keep continuity in their lives. When we're at school, we finish every Wednesday with an assembly or short message to students. Although we're not together, I want to continue this routine with your children. This week, I talk about cooperation at home, Mileage Club, and this Friday's Spirit Day. Please click on the link in the title you'll find below (or click here)and watch the video with your child.

Finally, I want to ask you to stay connected with us. If you have questions, send us an email. If you have a tip to share with the community, let me know and I'll include it in the next newsletter. Help your child to stay connected too. I've received some wonderful pictures and emails from students ( Keep them coming. Follow me on Twitter (@TeamAltaVista) or post your own joyful moments that make others smile.

By staying connected, we aren't alone - we can be #AloneTogether.


Mileage Club

When we're at school, Mileage Club happens during lunch on Mondays and Fridays. Let's keep this routine going. On Mondays and Fridays, put on some shoes (mine stay outside the front door) and take a walk with your child. Even if it's just around the block, a movement break is good for your brain and good for your body. It doesn't have to be at lunch time. I realize that many of you are balancing working at home while caring for your family, so find the time that works for you. Each Monday and Friday, I'm posting Mileage Club reminders and pictures on Twitter. Send me your picture or post your own tweet.

Spirit Days

Another fun routine to include in your @Home Learning is spirit days. Every Friday will be a designated spirit day and I'll share the details in the Wednesday video. This week we'll have Crazy Sock Day. The fun isn't just for children, so be sure to wear your crazy socks on Friday.


A few weeks ago, I referenced a wonderful resource produced by the Women's and Children's Health Network about cooperation. Now that we are all spending 24 hours a day with our families, I want to share a portion of their article "Let's Cooperate":

Your family is the most important 'team' that you will ever work with.
To be successful everyone in the family needs to:

  • respect each other
  • respect each others space and belongings
  • listen to each other
  • do chores at the right time and willingly
  • learn how to work out problems without fighting each other
  • communicate well so that everyone knows what is happening
  • spend time together as a family
  • celebrate each others successes and support each other through the sad times
  • learn to share
Teamwork Isn't My Thing, and I Don't Like to Share! by Julia Cook


Below you'll find links for everything from virtual field trips to free internet access. Click on the title and it will bring you to the related website.

Virtual Field Trips From Home

If you'd like to visit the best art museums across the globe without leaving your home, this article has everything you need. With just a few clicks, your family can visit the Louvre, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Getty, and more. You can also "tour" zoos and aquariums. Enjoy your travels.

Best Robot Ever

Best Robot Ever is a website with original podcasts created with families and children in mind. Some, such as Earth Rangers, are geared for younger children, but there are podcasts for all ages. Please keep in mind that some of the stories may not be a good match for our youngest students.

Washington Post - Tips for Parents

In this article, homeschooling experts offer tips for parents as students begin @Home Learning.

Keeping Your Cool During Coronavirus Quarantine

Bay Area Parent has a helpful article about how to "maintain peace inside the house" while sheltering at home. It offers suggestions on everything from assigning chores to managing stress.

Curbside Meal Pick-up at Dartmouth Middle School

During the closure of schools, Union School District will be providing drive-through, “Grab and Go” meals at Dartmouth Middle School (5575 Dartmouth Drive) every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Meals will be available for free to anyone 18 and under, regardless of what school they attend. No paperwork or identification is required. The meal program will be solely for the pick up of meals, and we ask that meals not be consumed on-site. We encourage families to continue to be proactive in reducing the risk of COVID-19 by not congregating at the school and practicing social distancing once meals have been picked up.

Internet Access

Comcast is offering free wifi hotspots during the school closures. This provides parents and students with access to news and educational content. Once you've located a hotspot, select “xfinitywifi” network name from the wifi menu, then launch your preferred browser. You will need to accept the terms and conditions to use this free service.

#AloneTogether @ Alta Vista


Chino Valley USD Students Spread Hope During School Closures Due to COVID-19
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