Brain Train Gazette

Week of Sept. 19-23


ELA- This week in ELA we will begin to explore different themes within different genres. Students are encouraged to read different types of genres throughout the year. We are continuing to work on text-based evidence within writing.

Math- This week we are focusing on rounding decimals on a number line. Students will first learn now to round decimals on a number line and then will learn the "trick" by looking at the digit that follows the number being rounded to determine if the number should be rounded up or if it will remain the same. Students will have a quiz on this coming Friday, September 23rd on rounding.

Science- This week in science students will begin learning about the six different biomes. We are also reviewing limiting factors (food, space, water, and shelter) within an ecosystem for different types of biotic and abiotic factors.


Reading: All students should read nightly for 30 minutes and respond in their reading response folder. The only way to become a better reader is to READ! Practice makes perfect.

Homework: Students are responsible for writing down the homework into their agenda each morning they enter the classroom. The homework written on the board is written in great detail and the expectation is that students write it down just as it is written on the board. I have starting checking agendas randomly to assure students are meeting expectations.

October 10th- Teacher Workday. Students will not have school on this day.

Assessments: Assessment dates are not set in stone. I will never move a test or quiz date forward but may move it back if I notice that students haven't mastered the content. Students will have an end of unit math and science assessment the last week on September. Look for dates on my website.