Term 3 goals


This term I am wanting to get involved into more things like soccer,tennis and badminton cos last year i was to shy to get invoveld into any of that and i didnt want to talk any risks but this year i am wanting to take some risks and get more invovled


This term I am to get 55% because last term I, got 42% and I will achieve this by going on mathletics 3 days a week for 30 or 40 mins and I will also do some maths grids at home and try and do 10 mins of that.


For this term I want to really get 5.1 in the beep test and I will do that by running down my road and back for 5 mins on Saturdays or Sundays but I will try to do jogging with my mum to the shops and back.


This term I am wanting to start learning how to make good starters and i will also will like to learn how to make interesting words by working on writing 20 mins on Monday or when i have time to.