'HATCHET' - Survivor Unit

Term 2 Yr 8 English - Ms Bedggood's class


During Term 2, I read the novel 'Hatchet' by Gary Paulsen. It is about a boy whose parent have divorced and are living in different cities. The book begins with Brain travelling to visit his father by aircraft. while waiting for the plane to take off, his mother presents him with a small axe (hatchet - hense the name of the book). The storyline follows the survival of Ryan after the plane crashes into the wilderness.

For this assignment, I had to choose a numbe of tasks from a grid sheet that my teacher had given me. These are below.

TASK 1 - create a muscial soundtrack for the novel

The songs I think would be good for the movie about this novel are:

Cam Meekins – 'Top of the World'. This song is slow and it reminds me of an adventure. the song would fit in when he starts to get stuck in to word by macking a hut and starting fires.

360 - 'Run Alone'. It's a slow song that makes you feel alone. The song would go well when he realises that he's all alone on a massive bit of land.