Tiger Press

San Marcos Elementary-

Weeks of March 16th and 23rd

Important Dates


Report Cards due to Rolayne and Stephanie

Rolayne at AP meeting in AM

3:15 Girls on the Run

3:15 SSA Meetings


Coffee Talk in the AM- St. Patrick's Day Theme

Stephanie and Rosie at DO in the AM

Rolayne and Lupe at DO in the PM


Stephanie to DO for interviews

1:30 Kinder Music Performance- MPR

2:15 Girls on the Run

2:30 PLC Meetings


Rosie to County-all day

Stephanie and Tech Team to CUE Conference

4th to Library-PM


Family Friday

Stephanie and Tech Team to CUE Conference



PETCO Expo Science Day


Read Across America Week

Stephanie to DO - Interviews

3:15 SSA and Girls on the Run


Stephanie to PC

2:30 SMMS Band to Perform for 5th grade- MPR


Report Cards go home

2:30 PLC Meetings


2:00 Food Pantry

4th to Library-PM

4:00 BTSA Yr 1 and 2


8:45 Student of the Month/ Trimester Awards

12:45 Kinder Matter Program

5th grade SMENCIL Sale

Tiger Tid-Bits

-A huge thank you to Rolayne who has double duty this month! March and April are busy for all of us and I want to thank her for keeping things together when I have to be off campus so many days.

- You all have worked very hard these last few months assessing students and finishing report cards. We appreciate the extra time you have put into your jobs these last few weeks. Spring break is coming fast, you all deserve this long break.

-Have you walked down 2nd grade hallway recently? Take a detour one day and check out their Bright Spots board- great way to highlight student work (especially in time for open house).

-Way to go 4th grade for thinking of new ways to use PD learned in wheel. Unpacking sentences can be of great use for those tricky questions on the new assessments. Way to go Jennifer as well for starting right away with her 1st graders as well! They did awesome!

-Working on any cool google doc writing projects? Have students share their document with Rolayne and myself..we can help by making comments to the students.


  1. New announcement from State Board of Education- there will be no API measurement this year. What this means for us is that we DO NOT need to stress about the new SBAC testing this year. This is a great gift to schools...a year to have students try their best, work through the new system, but not have the pressure to perform at high levels the first year. This is a gift of time where we can use it to teach students about mindset, perseverance and taking their time to work through computer assessments.
  2. Report Card time is a great time to remind parents to have students get on our internet programs after school. Many DO have internet on tablets or computers. For those who do not, we are working on a list of educational TV shows that would benefit students to watch daily. READING is also an important part of homework as well.
  3. Haven't tried LEXIA yet? Looking for ideas for intervention time? LEXIA provides detailed lessons for areas of deficit for your students based on their performance, no prep or creating lessons on your own.
  4. If you have any fieldtrip money, please turn into Lupe. Thank you
  5. Please take a few minutes to take the Healthy Kids Survey either after the PD on your wheel day or during PLC meetings this week.

    surveys.wested.org/cscs/TQ446RD School Code-YA79KE


5 Rebekah Butcher

7 Desiree Ballis

16 Lulu Fernandez

17 Meghan Hein

17 Eddie Bradley

17 Holly Hartzell

27 Victoria Vogel

30 Isela Perez

In light of all the recent online threats to schools the district is asking that we complete these lessons before Spring Break. These lessons range from 30-45 minutes. Complete lessons plans can be found on the Common Sense Media website (link below). If you have already taught this lesson, please disregard.

  • Kindergarten and 1st - Screen Out the Mean: Students learn that children sometimes can act like bullies when they are online. They explore what cyberbullying means and what they can do when they encounter it.

  • 2nd - Show Respect Online: Students explore what cyberbullying means and what they can do when they encounter it. Students learn about in-person and how to write good emails. (2nd grade lesson per SMUSD-aligned digital citizenship scope and sequence)

  • 3rd - What’s Cyberbullying?: Students explore how it feels to be cyberbullied, how cyberbullying is similar to or different than in-person bullying, and learn strategies for handling cyberbullying when it arises.

    4th and 5th - The Power of Words: Students consider that they may get online messages from other kids that can make them feel angry, hurt, sad, or fearful. Students identify that will make them Upstanders in the face of cyberbullying. (4th grade lesson per SMUSD-aligned digital citizenship scope and sequence)


The Benefits of Doing a Science Project

New Apps, Tweets, Tech Uses