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June 2021

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Principal's Message

This year certainly has brought us many challenges, and we have faced them together, and with perseverance and grace. We tackled our school year, with all its twists and turns, like one short race after another. We came to school in September and learned to line up on our distanced, play in our recess zones, wear a mask to school, and washed our hands a lot. We pivoted to on-line learning twice and learned about Google Meets. Our Marysville kids have dug in with ferocity. Our sincerest thanks and kudos go out to our whole community for hanging in there and we will continue to support each other and motivate each other for a strong finish at the end of June.

We are tremendously disappointed in the provincial order for schools to remain closed, but understand that it may help us get back to some sort of normal year for September. Once we finalize our end of year plans regarding when students can pick up their belongings and device return, we'll let you know. Teachers are working on assessments and writing report cards which will be distributed on June 23rd. We'd also like to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Victoria, who is graduating Gr. 8 this month!

Our school organization for September is two classes: K - 4 and Gr. 5 - 8. We are welcoming Mr. Beers back for the fall. Welcome back Mr. Beers! We're always looking for new families so please spread the word about our amazing little school!

We hope you are all staying healthy and well. Please continue to reach out to us should you have questions or require assistance for your child or family.

All the best to you,

Mrs. Diamond

Flag is Flying at Half Mast

Flags across the Limestone District School Board will be flown at half-mast in memory of the 215 children killed as a result of genocide at a residential school in British Columbia.

We extend our sympathies to survivors, families and First Nations communities affected by this unspeakable tragedy.

Flags at the Education Centre and all schools will remain lowered for 215 hours (9 days) - one hour for each child whose life was taken - from May 31 to June 8, 2021.

The discovery of this mass grave will serve as a difficult reminder for survivors of residential schools and their families, and a reminder of traumas they have endured. We will support students and families who will find this news triggering and are in need of support or resources.

The National Indian Residential School Crisis line is 1-866-925-4419. Kids Help Phone can be accessed 24/7 by calling 1-800-668-6868 or visit the Kids Help Phone website for text and chat options.

Limestone recommits to our important role in educating our school communities about the shameful legacy of residential schools, and the ongoing need for Truth and Reconciliation.


During this period of remote learning, teachers have nominated students each week for the following categories; Preparedness, Punctuality, Participation, Perseverance, Attitude and Academics.

Names were placed in their respective classroom jars, and at the end of each month one name was drawn from each class with the winners receiving a $25 e-gift card for Indigo!

April winners - Teagen & Jon!

May winners - Tala & Edwin!

Congratulations, and happy shopping!

Nominations will continue for the month of June, so keep up the great work everyone!

Jump Rope for Heart

Students learned about and practiced fun healthy habits to protect their heart and brain, while fundraising for Heart & Stroke to help other kids too. To date, MPS has raised $200 for Heart & Stroke through Jump Rope for Heart.

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The primary class is still crazy for dragons! We are now reading the second book in the dragon series called Elmer and the Dragon. Here are some acrostic poems we wrote about these beasts.


Real or not real?




Never want to meet one

~Mrs. Beers



Around the world

Giant body with stripes

Oven-forged in fire




Rosy pink




Never want to not meet one






Open wings




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MPS School Council has purchased a copy of "Go Show the World" by Wab Kinew (2018), for each MPS family for reference in Activity Part 1 & 2 of the workshops.


Contact: Kayo Murakami -

PA DAY - June 4



Students will require supplies for the Science Quest workshop. A package will be available for pick up at the school on Friday (PA Day) from 10:00am-2:00pm. Please contact the school if you need to make alternate arrangements. Thank you.

K-Gr 5: Pulleys and Gears

Since the beginning of civilization humans have used simple machines to help make their lives easier. From the Egyptians using pulley systems to help them build the pyramids, to the video game joysticks we use today, life as we know it wouldn’t be possible without the use of pulleys and gears! In this workshop students will learn about how pulleys and gears work together to make our lives simpler. In the first activity we’ll be investigating how pulleys can be integrated or used to allow people to get from place to place via zipline! We can see how pulleys are used to facilitate outdoor leisure activities and understand the fundamental concepts that are used for them to work!

In the next activity students will get the opportunity to explore gears and how they work together! We will discuss how gears act as a type of lever using the rotational force known as torque to give mechanical advantage to a system. Students will then get to build their own gear board exploring how the size and position of gears in a gear train affect the output of the system, and how we manipulate gear trains to complete tasks such as riding our back up a hill versus riding on flat ground.

Finally, the students will get the opportunity to combine what they’ve learned about pulleys and gears in an engineering design project! We’ll discuss how simple pulley or gear systems can be combined to create complex systems, such as rollercoasters, cranes, and escalators. Students will then be building their own elevators out of recycled materials with the goal of having a semi-automated system that can lift a load. They will discover how pulleys and gears can work together to make our lives simpler! By the end of this workshop students will have a firm understanding of the role pulleys and gears play in our everyday lives!

Gr 6-8: Flight

Up, up, and away! Through these activities, students will understand the basics of the four forces of flight and how properties of air are manipulated in order to fly! The first activity will explore a huge advancement in technology. The students will explore a scenario where humans have played with these forces to an extreme - to simulate zero gravity. The students will have the opportunity to create their own gravity defying machine. This will lead to a discussion on the four forces and how we must alter them in order to fly successfully!

The students will explore the balance between lift and weight. When the weight (down) exceeds the lift (up) the plane can offer, the plane will accelerate downwards. The students will be able to explore this balance by increasing the weight on their aircraft until it is no longer able to “fly.” They will make connections to their own experiences flying on aircrafts and the complex science behind air travel.

The Wright Brothers are now looking for a new design for a plane, this time one with some power behind it! The challenge for the students is to come up with a design for their plane that will now be powered by a rubber band, do they think they can build one that will fly longer than the Wright’s Brothers 12 seconds? Through this engineering design project students will learn about the Wright Brothers’ initial flight and will work on improving their design. They will work on designing, building and testing an airplane out of straws, a rubber band and paper with the goal of having a plane that flies for longer than the Wright Brothers flight of 12 seconds.


Anishinaabe Knowledge Keeper, Judy Montgomery returns to share her traditional knowledge through music, song, stories and language.


Program details to be determined.


We are currently awaiting direction from KFL&A Public Health and the Limestone DSB.



The 4-8 class looked at Expositions (Exposition Battle) where they read the first page of two books and then voted on their favourite.

Student Expositions for their stories:

There was an orphan named Jeff. Eventually he was adopted by a rich family. Years went by, 32 to be exact. It happened just like any other day they were in the mall looking for just about anything that looks cool then oohing and awing but not getting it.

Then they heard a BOOOOOm.


TNT Mechanic likes to help people. Today he is traveling to the rainforest to help his friend Henry the toucan. He wants to get some more guavas, but then a monkey named Dexter stole his map, then they followed Dexter to an abandoned workshop.


Math Transformations


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Gr. 6-8 Science: Electricity and Circuits

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Surface Area - Spaceships

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Foil Art

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The Kingston Frontenac Public Library is delighted to welcome back the TD Summer Reading Club (TDSRC)!

All kids participating in the club will receive a special bilingual notebook to track their progress, a web access code for the virtual club on the TDSRC website, stickers, and the chance to win prizes. Kids 12 and younger can participate in the TDSRC anytime, anywhere ̶ at the KFPL, at home, online, on the road where their summer takes them, or at any of the 2,000 participating public libraries in Canada.

Kick off a wonderfully magical summer of reading with Firelight Shadow Theatre on July 6. Kids ages 2-6 can register to enjoy a virtual shadow puppetry show featuring classic nursery rhymes. This online performance is one of the many free activities that KFPL will provide over the course of the summer. More “Live @ the Library” virtual events include: musicians, live animals, science workshops, and comedians.

Register for the Grow and/or “Live at the Library” newsletters ( to receive notification of new YouTube and Zoom programs, upcoming events, book and movie recommendations, and more.

TD Summer Reading Club Ages 0 - 5
TD Summer Reading Club: Ages 6 - 12

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LDSB Online Registration for 2021-2022 School Year

Register now for September 2021 at

Do you know a child who will be 4 or 5 years old by December 31, 2021? Please make sure to pass along that we are now accepting online registrations for kindergarten!

Kindergarten Registration 2021
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