October Newsletter

From the classroom of Mrs. Pickett and Mrs. Gunnell

What We've Been Up To

Can you believe that it's October? We can't either! We've been having a fantastic time in Sixth Grade with your kids.

Here's a brief summary of what we've been doing and what we are looking forward to in the future.

Math: In chapter 2 we've been learning about Greatest Common Factor, Least Common Multiple, using different strategies to divide, and computing using decimals. Remember to use the parent resources available in myDSD if you've got any questions. There are links to math videos and also a copy of our daily math lesson.

Language Arts: We're starting Unit 2 and our focus is shifting to reading about past civilizations. This ties nicely in to our Social Studies focus. We'll be discussing how democracy was developed, contributions what life was like in in ancient civilizations, and what the past can teach us.

Social Studies: We're studying the first civilizations that developed around the rivers and valleys in Mesopotamia. We'll also be studying Ancient Egypt and the importance of the Nile River.

Science: We've wrapped up our study of heat. I've been beyond thrilled with our students as we've patterned our lessons around a 3D Science model. Next we'll be investigating the properties of light.

40 Book Challenge: Thank you for encouraging your student to read! Our first 40 Book Challenge winner is Eli Greenway. He has chosen the book Elvis and the Underdogs to be added to our classroom library.

Many thanks to those parents who have helped our class in the Jog-a-thon. Our class was the Sixth Grade winners!

Upcoming Events, Birthdays Included!

  • Oct. 5: James's Birthday Celebration
  • Oct. 20-21: Fall Break, No School
  • Oct. 28: End of First Term
  • Oct. 31: Teacher Prep Day. Have a safe Halloween!
  • Nov. 4: Josh's Birthday Celebration