Alycia's Burton Story

How She Over Came Her Problems

Alycia's Burton Upbringing

Alycia's upbringing wasn't like most kids. If she wanted something, she had to work for it. Not much was given in her household. When she was fifteen-years-old in high school, she had to drop out. She grew up around horses, but during a period of time, she could not afford the farrier, so the only option she had was to shoe her own horse's, and, she started shoeing her own horses because the farrier people weren't doing a good job on the horses feet.

Other Obstacles

As we know, she didn't have a lot so she was un-wealthy. She also had an addiction to alcohol and drug problems. One cool obstacle that she was interested in was training abused and wild horses to be ridden and nurse them back to health.

Some interesting Photos Of her

Overcoming Her Obstacles

Some Ways She Overcame

Some ways she overcame her obstacles or problems was to have God motivate her to get on the right path. After she got on the right path, she wanted to help people establish their own dreams and make their dreams a reality. She also made her own inspiration DVD. Awhile back she became a world sensation by posting pictures and video on YouTube. Now I like to follow her on Facebook and her own YouTube channel.

Any Questions

Feel free to ask any questions that you may have, and I hope this was helpful.