Caleb Hanson

Aquarius House Discovers Disappointment

On April 13th the Aquarius House, from Bay View Middle School, went on a field trip to Discovery World. The students were forced to waste their time searching for answers to questions, that are irrelevant to what they are learning in school, instead of enjoying themselves and having a good time. These questions are a study guide for a quiz they took on Friday, April 17th, with answers that are different from the answers on the study


At Discovery World the students went from place to place following a schedule that was set for them by someone else. When they got to an exhibit the students had questions that they had to answer, so they had to quickly find the answers so that they would have a little time to have fun. The students that went on the trip were greatly disappointed by what it turned out to be.

Lost Tooth

Steven Hanson, a man who enjoys collecting ocean treasures, was walking on the beach of Hannah Park in Jacksonville, Florida on April 1st, while on spring break. He was searching for items such as, shark's teeth, sand dollars, mermaid's purse, etc. Then he found a large shark's tooth, the tooth was about 1 1/2 inches wide and 2 inches long. But unfortunately he misplaced it and now it is forever lost. He will continue searching for these treasures.


Caleb Hanson needs to write an article for his ELA teacher Miss Wood by end of class on April 9th. He needs to search for inspiration so he can write his article before his time runs out. He has always had a struggle with finding things to write about. No one knows how he will be able to write articles day after day like how he has. He has written good material in the past. Hopefully he can get inspired and write about something good.