The Rocky Mountain Region

Rocky Mountain Region in Alberta

Welcome To The Rocky Mountain Region.

Hi I'm Faith and I'm here to convince you to move to the Rocky Mountain Region I hope you like it. Now let's get started.

The Animal Life In Rocky Mountain Region.

When you visit the Rocky Mountain Region, you will see many different kinds of animal life like elk, mountain goat, bear, deer, and bighorn sheep. Some of these animals hibernate, like the bear, so you may not catch them if you are visiting in the winter.

Landforms In The Rocky Mountain Region

Landforms In Rocky Mountain Region

The Rocky Mountain Region has plenty of mountains, some small rolling hills. Some of the well known National Parks are in the mountains. For example, Banff, and Jasper.

Bodies of water.

Here are some fantasic picture of the different water systems here are some example on website.
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Major Citys

In the Rocky Mountain Region there are lot's of citys and they are beautiful.I will name some for you. There is Banff,Jasper,Lake Louise,Elkwater,CrowsnestPass.

Climate in the Rocky Mountain Region

The climate is interesting in the Rocky Mountain Region. In the Rocky Mountain Region, we often experience chinooks, which warm the temperature, and often melt snow. In the summer, we have seasonal temperatures, although it can cool down alot in the nights.
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Vegetation In The Rocky Mountains

In the Rocky Mountain Region, there is a lot of pine trees, spruce trees, birch trees, wild rose bushes, indian paint brushes, and willow shrubs.
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Loction In The Rocky Mountain Regin

The location of the Rocky Mountain Regein is between the Foothills and the Grassland Regin
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Unique Features of the Rocky Mountain Region

In the Rocky Mountain Region, there are unique parks called national parks. Jasper National Park and Banff National Park are a part of the Rocky Mountain Region. The scenery in these parks are amazing.

There are also many ski hills in the Rocky Mountain Region. Some of the ski resorts are Nakiska, Sunshine, Lake Louise, and Norquay.

Rocky Mountaion Region Gobs

There are many different types of jobs in the Rocky mountain Region. I hear that you are looking for a teacher job. there are many different grades you can teach. But there are two , different school systems