Pride High Times

Vol. 14- March 14, 2023

Community Newsletter

KIPP GCP Pride High School's electronic newsletter, "Pride High Times", is designed to allow for regular communication between the school, scholars, families and community to relay important school information and events.

The Pride High Times can be access on the KIPP GCP Pride High's website.

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Field Trip Criteria

Criteria for Field Trip:

  • No OSS, ISS from Wednedsay, March 1, 2023- Friday, March 31, 2023
  • 9th-11th grades, no more than 3 unexcused tardies between Monday March 6- Friday, March. 31, 2023
  • 9th-11th grade No more than 1 unexcused absence between Monday March 6- March. 31, 2023
  • 9th grade: No more than 2 grades below a 70.
  • No excessive dresscode violations
  • Returned permission slip

Quarter 3 Exams

Quarter 3 Progress Reports

Second official Quarter 3 progress reports were mailed home March 13. Progress reports were also mailed home February 27, 2023. Please review progress reports with your scholars and encourage them to attend Tutoring Tuesday for any grades below a 70. Tutoring is offered 4-5pm every Tuesday.

Progress reports will be distributed:
April 28
May 26

Report cards will be distributed:

March 31

June 16

Make Up Work

As we prepare our scholars to live a life of choice, it is important that our make up work policy prepares them for life after high school. Our make up work policy is designed to support our scholars with additional learning opportunities to demonstrate mastery while holding them accountable to expectations and deadlines.

Make up will be accepted on a three week cycle between progress reports. All make up work will be due one week following the distribution of progress reports.

Missed assignments from

Feb. 27-March 17 will be due March 21

March 27-May 5 will be due May 5

May 8- June 2 will be due June 2

These are hard deadlines.

There will be no make up work submitted after June 2, 2023.

Teachers have the discretion to accept or not accept missed assignments.

Pride High Panthers Football 2023-23 Season

Are you ready for some football?!

Spring Football Workouts


TIME: 4:30PM-6:30PM


Family Re-enrollment Events

Middle School Mock Day @ KPHS

KPHS will be hosting a second High School Mock Day on March 31 for KIPP GCP middle.

Our KIPP middle school scholars will be afforded the opportunity to tour Pride High and sit in certain core classes. This day is designed to give the scholars a snapshot of a day at KPHS.

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Spring Fling

April 21

Stay tuned for more details and attendance criteria.

Family Culture Survey

As we look ahead to the upcoming school year, we want your feedback on how we can improve your student's experience each day at school. We know it is crucial that your student has an opportunity to be joyful, have a safe learning environment, and explore their interests/passions. Please take a moment to complete the short survey so we can get your input as we plan to make some improvements next year.

Parents, we need your help!

I. We need your help with keeping your scholar safe every day. Talk to your scholar about drug use and avoiding engaging in any type of inappropriate behavior and drug use. Please see this article from Kids Health regarding how to talk to your scholar about drug use.

II. Attendance Matters! Every minute in school is essential to ensure your scholar is successful and provided the instruction necessary to master the standards required to commence high school. Please encourage your scholar to be at school, every day, on time. School begins at 8am. Scholars are late if they arrive after 8am. Attendance is necessary. Please see this article from Attendance Works.

III. Please speak with your scholars about appropriate cellphone usage at school. Cell phones are allowed before school, in between classes and during lunches. Cell phone use is prohibited during class time. Scholars should not be using cell phones to engage in disruptive and inappropriate behaviors. This is important so we can ensure your scholar is 100% free from distractions, able to receive and engage in the instructional process and is safe while at school.

IV. If your scholar is not attending after school tutoring, participating in a school sponsored club or athletic team, and they are required to leave school immediately at 4pm. All scholars who stay afterschool must be under the supervision of an adult. Please ensure your scholar is aware of their afterschool transportation home. It is important of us to ensure the safety of all scholars. Because of this, no scholar is allowed to remain after school without adult supervision and participation in an organized activity.

With your help, we can ensure Pride High is a safe learning environment for all.

KPHS Dress Code 2022-23

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The mission of KIPP GCP: Pride High School is to prepare our scholars with the skills and confidence to pursue the paths they choose- college, career and beyond- so they can live choice filled lives and build a more just world. Our dress code policy is designed to align to our core values of Leadership, Excellence, Community, Integrity and Humility. Through our dress code policy, we will promote unity, community, pride within our school and ensure that students are safe, age appropriately dressed and minimize distractions to prioritize learning. Our dress code policy is designed to be more aligned with KIPP high schools around the country.

New Communication Tool

We have heard your feedback and recognize that we can do better with streamlining communication. To help us streamline and increase our communication efforts, we are utilizing a new communication platform "Remind". Remind will be used in addition to One Call, the Pride High Times Newsletter, USPS mailings and personal school contacts.

To access Remind, please use your cellphone to send a text to 81010 and text this message @kippprid

Upcoming Important Dates

  • March 16- Lunch with the Principal 1:30pm
  • March 20- Pride High @ Halifax Middle
  • March 24- End of Quarter 3
  • March 31- KIPP GCP Middle School Mock Day
  • April 6- Teacher Workday
  • April 7-14- Spring Break
  • April 17- Teacher Workday
  • April 28- Senior Signing Day
KIPP NC Academic Calendar 2023-24

Please click this button to access the calendar for the 2023-24 school year.