First Grade Letter

Dear Families,

As we begin our second semester of First Grade, the expectations for the students are raised as we work hard to prepare for next year. Although we continue to do many things together as a class during lessons, your child will also begin to complete more work independently. This will require your child to be able to stay focused and on-task to complete work in the time given.

In order to move to Second Grade, your child must be able to read independently at a level 18 by the end of the year. Your child should currently be reading independently at or above a level 12.

Second Grade requires students to read passages independently. To be successful this year and prepared for Second Grade by June, I cannot stress enough the importance of reading at home with your child each night. It is this quality, one-on-one time at home that will build on and strengthen the skills we work on in class each day.

Please utilize the free online reading resources of Istation and Raz-Kids. We also use the websites ABC Ya and Starfall to practice important math and reading skills.

I appreciate you entrusting your child to me each day. Thank you for your continued hard work at home. Please contact me with any questions or concerns.


The First Grade Team