leonardo da vinci

Mona Lisa

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• Da vinci was born in 1452

• He was born in the town Vinci, Italy

Da Vinci's life

• Da vinci spent most of his life in Italy.

• His education training was mostly under Andreadel Verrorchio.

• He moved to france in 1516.

• He always wanted to learn more from a young age.

• He died may, 2 1519.

Leonardo Da Vinci's Art

• The Last Supper 1495-1498

• Man in Red Chalk 1512

• Vitruvian Man in 1490

Leonardo Da Vinci's Patrons


-Cesare Borgia

-King Francis 1 of france

-Luca Pacioli

-Marcantonio Della Torre

-Niccolo Machiavelli

-Isabella D’Este



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Mona Lisa

• Created in 1503-1505

• Is currently located in the Louvre (1797)


• If looking closely there is great attention to detail in the painting, showing the background clearly and her surroundings. Also Leonardo Da Vinci did not sell the painting with he was originally supposed to do. He keep the painting and brought it to france with him.


I find The Mona Lisa interesting because of how popular it has become, and still showing the same amount of detail after such a long period of time.


The painting the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci exemplifies " Humanism" because he painted her how she was seen and did not change things to change her appearance.


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