Animal Adaptations

By Mary Frias


Animals can have physical and behavioral adaptations. A behavioral adaptation is something that an animal does in response to something in it's environment. A physical adaptation is a structure on the body of an animal that has changed to help them survive in their environment. These adaptations evolve over time, they do not just happen overnight.

Animal Adaptations


African Elephants

African elephants live in very hot weather; therefore, they need to stay hydrated at all times. They use their trunks to keep them cool. Elephants can hold around two gallons of water in their trunks. They suck up the water and then curl the trunks under and put it in their mouths. The water goes straight down their throats! They can also use their trunks to squirt water all over their bodies to keep them cool when they're in the blazing hot sun. Also elephants in Africa eat leaves off of trees. Their trunks can help them to grasp and entire tree branch and pull it down to their mouths. Staying hydrated and getting food are just two of the many ways African elephants use their trunks to survive in their environment.

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