Buenos Aires, Argentina



Buenos Aires is in Argentina which is in South America. You can find Buenos Aires east of Argentina.

tasty food in Buenos Aires

Feast on some of the most the delicious foods you can find in Buenos Aires. If your hungry, and don't know what to have for breakfast try a Medialuns. They are croissants with butter melted in the middle. Alfajores are great for snacks and desserts. There're cookies coated with suger and you can stuff it with caramel or chocolate. For dinner a fresh baked faina would be delicious, it's a pizza folded into haft. Be sure to try one of these foods inBuenos Aires.

there are alot of culture, history, and arts in Buenos Aires.

There's more to Buenos Aires than you think. Most of the people in Buenos Aires catholic and there are only 2 percent of jewish people. Jaun De Garcy signed a document in Buenos Aires and he was the finder of Buenos Aires. There are different types of arts that you can find in Buenos Aires such as: art, painting, music, dancing, and sculpting. Try some of these different things in Buenos Aires.

Some fun things that you can try in Buenos Aires

Do you know why a lot of people come to Buenos Aires? Futbol{ foot-ball } is a national craze in buenos Aires. They are also known for their polo players. Alpine chocolate festival is a big celebration in Buenos Aires. People like to share their cultures, dancing, music, and food to others. If your a nature lover than you would like to see the quebracho tree. Buenos Aires has so many different activities that you can do while your there such as: futbol{ foot-ball }, swimming, polo, dance, and many more. Be sure to try these wonderful things in Buenos Aires.

What can you see in Buenos Aires?

During the May revolution in 1810 the Tome Monument Clock was built by the British for Buenos Aires. Eudardo Fernado Catalano built a sculpture called the Genrich Florist. It was formed in the shape of a flower so that when ever solar power occur it would look like a flower that bloomed. In the early 17th century the cabildo was made to serve the Spanish { spain } government. The most famouse opera house was built in Buenos Aires. It was seven stories high and it was called the, Teatro Colon. See so of these landmarks and historical sights in Buenos Aires.

What do people speak in Buenos Aires?

Indians were the first people to live there and they spoke Quechua. Then the Spanish took over and they started speaking Spanish. Now, Spanish is the main language in Buenos Aires. Spanish was influenced by the andalusian and american dialect. Spanish wasn't the only language spoken in Buenos Aires.

When is the best time for you to visit?

Buenos Aires is in South America and since north and South America are in the different hemispheres, they have different weathers. summer is December- March, spring is October- November, Winter is June- September, and Fall is April- May. Beware that when it is hot the temperature can get as hot as 120degress. And Buenos Aires gets 37inches of rain. The to go would be in spring or fall.


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