Homework Club Connection

what, where, when, how, and most importantly . . .thanks

Dec 8th Plan

Here is the plan for room assignments tomorrow. I will deliver homework club buckets to each classroom.

The book fair is done, so please meet in the media center and then follow with your grade level as they are dismissed from the media center to the grade level classroom.

There is a list in the grade level homework club folder that lists the students and the assignments that they are missing. The teacher in the classroom will be in charge of this list. When the student you are working with has completed their homework, please ask your classroom teacher to check that list for your student (s).

If students have completed their homework, are not missing any homework, and if the teacher doesn't have something specific for them, please work on helping them with organization (with the younger kids - that might mean cleaning out their backpack, with the older kids it will mean organizing binders)

If I am missing any volunteers, I will assign them a room when they arrive tomorrow.

2nd grade - Room 115 (Mrs. Bonin's room) 8 students

Staff - Mrs. Borgemenke, Mrs. Snider (leaving at 4:15pm)

Ridge Volunteers - Talonziay Dirr, Samantha Zepahua, Sean Murphy, Hannah Guise, Natalie Whitaker, Kaitlyn Vitello

3rd Grade - Room 121 (Ms. Kessen's Room) 13 students

Staff - Ms. Tavolier, Mrs. Hook

Ridge Volunteers - Anna Kidd, Kati Zepahua, Keegan Day, Ashley Allison

High School Volunteers - Sadie Spoonland

4th Grade - Room 208 (Ms. Dudley's Room) 14 students

Staff - Ms. Dudley, (either Mr. Green, Ms. Kerr, or Mrs. Snyder)

Ridge Volunteers - Ava Benoit, Gianna Conklin, Jason Zepahua, Morgan Saylor, Natalie Abel, Taylor Huater, Alyssa Phelan

5th Grade - Room 216 (Mrs. Fuller's Room) 12 students

Staff - Mrs. Fuller, Mr. Kolbinsky

Ridge Volunteers - Olivia Gamsky, Taylor Dennis, Allie Weber, Lindsey Speed, Nolan Meister

6th Grade - Room 108 (Mrs. Ebbing's Room) 14 students

Staff - Mrs. Ebbing, (either Mr. Green, Ms. Kerr, or Mrs. Snyder)

Ridge Volunteers - Afia Owusu-Korkor, Ben Simpson, Marin Sandefur, Kelsey Hartnell, Paige Nelson

High School Volunteer - Brittany Huddleston


At 4:30pm, I will call over the walkie talkies for all car riders. This would be a perfect time for the junior high and high school volunteers to leave as well.

Junior high and high school volunteers - if you are in the younger grades, please walk with the students to the front hallway. Thank you.

Teachers - I think dismissal went well last week when I simply called over the walkie talkies for dismissal when the bus arrived. Let's go ahead and follow that routine rather than returning to the media center. Please remember to return homework folders and walkie talkies to the homework club bin in the teacher's lounge.

High School Volunteer Documentation

I think most everyone has their paperwork signed and has received their letter. Please let me know if you still need something for me to document your work. I really appreciate all of your help.